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2020 Trends to look out for Retail Box Packaging

Author: Elizabeth Max

Digital shoppers are very demanding and long for more and better. For retailers, it is becoming quite challenging to acquire new customers and retain the existing ones. Whether you have a clothing brand, an e-jewelry store or a grocery chain, being persistent with innovation and quality is the key for improving consumer satisfaction and retention rates. Every year, we notice a lot of new facets being added to marketing and advertising. Marketers are experimenting with new ways to reach out to potential buyers which is benefiting the businesses but just making claims and promises to shoppers isn’t really enough to woo them.
If you want to leave an indelible imprint on the minds of prospective customers, you need to offer them products and services exceeding their expectations. Personalized packaging is an essential element of branding and merchandise display. Not paying enough attention to it would result in buyers ignoring your offerings. Make sure that your retail packaging is according to contemporary trends. Using obsolete and conventional ways of presenting products isn’t likely to pique the interest of shoppers. They have brand and product variety available in stores and online, you need to make a real effort to ensure they notice your merchandise.
Packaging ought to be customized with a creative layout to leave the onlookers wonder, “what is inside this entrancing box?” You can either make an item laudable or ignorable for the buyers. So if you want to get repeat customers, you need to have pleasing and purposeful packaging that reminds the consumers of your brand and products. Packaging and printing industry is constantly evolving with new and improved techniques. You need to be well-acquainted with the latest developments to know what kinds of boxes are being preferred by your competitors. If you have a dependable printing solutions provider by your side, getting the boxes customized will become easier for you.
Just like you do research on the buying behavior and inclinations of potential buyers before developing and launching a new product. Packaging should also be designed considering the preferential taste of your target audience, this is likely to get you desired and prolific results out of customized boxes. Retailers need to be aware of the power and potential of packaging; it can make their brand and merchandise instantly likable. So why would you ignore this opportunity to earn acclaim and customer loyalty?
How about revamping your boxes for retail this year? If you haven’t considered doing this in a while, it can be one of your business goals that can turn out to be a long term investment. There are many new trends that you need to incorporate in your packaging for making it result-oriented. Check them out below!

Boxes for Retail with Interactive Pictorial Details:

Packaging has become more interactive now. Boxes for apparel , cosmetics, accessories and other items are designed with engaging and pictorial details. We see an increased shift towards images on the boxes to describe the features and benefits of an item. So this year, you need to have packaging that uses pictures to enlighten shoppers about the product you intend to promote. You should be meticulous with choosing color scheme, font style and other details for the boxes as the artwork should complement the product idea you are pitching. Whether you want an invigorating backdrop or a simpler one, don’t forget to use your branding colors in the packaging design. Boxes’ layout should give onlookers a quick overview of the packaged item. If you want to earn a distinguished identity for your retail business, be original with your packaging artwork.
Boxes for Retail with Interactive Pictorial Details

Smart Packaging is preferred by Digital Customers:

Smart Packaging is preferred by Digital Customers

Being a retailer, you should be aware about the needs and preferences of the potential buyers. They don’t like to invest in brands that aren’t active with providing them information or answering to their questions. They like to be served in a proactive manner. If you fail to offer their desired details through the custom boxes, they will look out for another retail store that understands their concerns and provide them products packaged smartly. So when printing packaging, you should make a list of consumer queries regarding usage, net weight, best before date and cautions about your retail items and get every bit of info printed prominently on the boxes. This will build credibility for your business and shoppers will be inclined into purchasing more from you. Packaging should have all the basic and additional details of the retail items you are selling. Use the boxes to create brand and product awareness and see how it works wonders for your sales and marketing.

Boxes for Retail should be Consumer Oriented:

Boxes for Retail should be Consumer Oriented

A lot of discussion has been going on over the years about the importance and benefits of personalized products and services. Buyers love a brand that is attentive towards their requirements and makes an effort to deliver them solutions as per their liking and budget. If you are also a customer oriented retail business, why not endorse it through packaging? You can use the retail boxes to give shoppers a notion that you care about them. Packaging that makes it easier for the consumers to take out the product and store it back will make your brand commendable. You need to consider customer convenience when designing boxes for retail. Packaging shouldn’t be a hassle to carry and handle for the buyers, instead it should allow them easy consumption of cosmetic or other retail items.

Packaging that Facilitates Shoppers to take their Product Pick:

Packaging that Facilitates Shoppers to take their Product Pick

If you have an array of products for the customers, provide them guidance and advice on making an informed buying decision through boxes for retail. You can use an interactive tone on the packaging to offer details about the packaged item and how it is worth buying. Every shopper has a different taste and budget; you can’t sell the same product to your diverse consumer base, use the boxes for merchandise to persuade different kinds of buyers to choose an item according to their requirements. The details shouldn’t be pushy on the packaging; you need to use a conversational tone on boxes avoiding the marketing phrases and lingo that make consumers wary of your advertising gig. Don’t use fabricated benefits of items on packaging; instead use facts and figures to compel shoppers into checking out the displayed products.

Environment Friendly Boxes for Retail:

Environment Friendly Boxes for Retail

Eco-friendly Kraft packaging is being favored by food and retail industry for its biodegradability. Boxes made of kraft paper are light weight, chemical free and easy to recycle. They allow consumers to use the packaged items conveniently. Whether you are selling candles, bath salts, dress shirts, smart phone accessories or any other retail product, environment friendly packaging will help you with offering ease to the customers. When selecting the kraft paper for your boxes for retail, you need to check the texture, durability and flexibility of the kinds of eco-friendly stock available. If you feel confused, ask the printer to guide you on choosing the printing material that provides protection to your merchandise and helps you with pitching the product effectively. If you have organic retail items, kraft paper packaging will assist you with promoting the merchandise in an astute manner.

Packaging that is Handy and Easy to Stock Up:

Packaging that is Handy and Easy to Stock Up

When customizing the boxes for retail, you should choose the packaging style and finishing options that make them handy and easy to stock up along with the packaged item. There are many products that tend to be stored within the packaging boxes for safety and easy consumption. You should offer retail packaging to the consumers that allow them to use a product on the go, for instance cosmetic boxes should be customized with the view to make a lipstick, mascara, eye-liner and other makeup items easy to apply for the customers. Packaging that shoppers are likely to keep with the product will make your brand worth recalling as well. E-retail stores have to get their boxes printed with customizations that make them worth storing.

Simplistic and Minimalistic Boxes for Merchandise:

Simplistic and Minimalistic Boxes for Merchandise

Being precise and on point with the packaging design and text details will make it noticeable for the wider target customers. You don’t have to use chunks of paragraphs for your brand and product to impress the buyers and sway them into liking your items. Simple and minimal boxes for retail can grab attention of the shoppers. You need to make use of symbols, colors and pointers that give consumers all the reasons to try out the packaged product. Stampa Prints has a passion for providing competitive custom box packaging solutions to retailers.

Being minimalistic however, doesn’t imply that you miss out on the vital details that are necessary for shoppers to make a purchase. You should endeavor to offer maximum info using minimal words and simple images. This will make it easier for the customers to perceive the retail merchandise you are selling and select an item they need and like.

Incorporating Gamification in Packaging:

Incorporating Gamification in Packaging

The concept of gamification is a not new one in marketing; you can use the boxes for retail for improving customer engagement and sales. You need to make sure that the text and context for this technique is relevant to the product you are pitching. Moreover, you should use a simple idea that is easy to comprehend for the buyers. You shouldn’t make it complicated or difficult to understand. Seek advice and assistance of your marketing team in providing you options for gamifying the boxes for merchandise. You should be scrupulous with using an idea.

Artsy Retail Boxes will make the Onlookers Stop by:

Artsy Retail Boxes will make the Onlookers Stop by

If you want to pique the curiosity of shoppers in your boxes for retail, package them dazzlingly. Packaging that is a delight to look at will make the buyers feel inclined into knowing more about your brand and items. You can use some enticing retro or other theme to add a classy appeal to the boxes. There are so many ways to make the packaging hard to ignore for the shoppers. You should be acquainted with the psychographics of your prospective customers to know what kind of boxes will make them interested in your products. You can use quotes, humor, memes and other techniques for making the packaging beguiling for the shoppers.

Packaging that adds Value to the Products:

Packaging that adds Value to the Products

We have discussed the significance of worthwhile product boxes many times and how they add value to the packaged items. Customers would like to buy from a retail brand that offers them unrivalled products; packaging can be utilized for creating that impact. You can use the boxes for retail to prove that a makeup foundation you are flaunting can give tired and pale skin the desired dewy look. Packaging that features a product in a riveting manner is likely to convince the prospective buyers into finding if the item really is worth relying upon. You can make a statement with your signature packaging.

Reasons you Need Sustainable Boxes for Retail:

Reasons you Need Sustainable Boxes for Retail

Packaging that protects the retail items from getting affected by heat, moisture, bacteria and shock will help you with sustaining the shelf life of products. Durable merchandise boxes are also vital for safe delivery especially if you have an e-commerce store that ships to far off destinations. There are many retail items that need additional protection from tampering factors; you therefore need resilient packaging to retain their texture and efficacy. When deciding on the printing material for the boxes for retail, you should have a look at some samples to better understand the features of different stocks for making the right choice.

You should avoid excessive and exaggerated packaging, don’t use too much of creativity and too good to be true claims on the boxes for merchandise as customers are quite repellant to them. You should instead turn the packaging into ultimate guide about your brand and product without using chunks of text and conventional marketing tactics.

We would appreciate if you share your feedback and thoughts about this blog post. Your opinion holds real value for us so keep on delighting us with your suggestions!