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Our pre-roll packaging is what your brand requires to make your cannabis and marijuana products look distinguished in the vast market. We manufacture custom boxes that leave an unforgettable impression on your potential customers.

Stampa Prints manufactures custom boxes for pre-roll joints that will improve your brand visibility and drive sales to take your brand to the top of the industry.

These boxes have an enticing logo, custom dimensions that will elevate the demand for your products. We give them an ethereal texture seamlessly without deterring the quality of your products.

Grab Customers with Custom Pre-Roll Box Packaging

To stand distinctively from your competitors, your packaging must subtly display its quality. You can set the standard of excellence in the marketplace with Stampa Prints’ customized pre-roll packaging. You can create an impact by selecting the right customization options for your packaging. Our advanced tools give your custom pre-roll boxes an attractive and praising appearance.

Our company furnishes your custom pre-roll and marijuana packaging with an exclusive range of finishing choices for a seamless experience. We have a variety of preferences that will give your products a satisfying touch.

Please note that Stampa Prints is well aware of the problem's retailers face when choosing the right measurement and form for their boxes. We have resolved that issue by giving our clients the full freedom to order the custom pre roll packaging in any size or shape as per their packaging needs.

You can also go through our templates to select various customization choices. You can also talk to our packaging experts who will help you with your personalization endeavors.

Usage of Pre-Roll Packaging for Multiple Industries

We have a versatile and extensive range of packaging for your pre-roll products. You can explore our series of pre-roll boxes in accordance with your brand's theme. You can store your product in cannabis pre-roll packaging that supremely protects the potency and efficacy. If you wish to promote your brand in the most efficient manner, using pre-roll display boxes is a great marketing strategy. It brings nothing but prominence to your brand.

You can also avail yourself with custom pre-roll boxes to achieve distinction in the market. You can have custom sizes or have child-resistant locks to increase its perceived value. The same is the case with hemp pre-roll packing which you customize as per your brand's theme to have ideal packaging to entice the consumer.

Retail outlets can have customized pre-roll cigarette packaging to ensure your product stands out in this competitive market.

Our boxes promise nothing but great strength and durability in the most efficient manner


The custom pre-roll joint packaging is printed with your enticing brand logo, taglines, products' essentials, and everything that you require in packaging. This gives a great unboxing experience and makes your product unique in the market.

Pre-roll packaging should be designed in a way that preserves the cannabis product's potency and efficacy. We recommend you to use corrugated fiberboard as it is pretty strong, lightweight, and protects your products remarkably.

You can insert various add-ons choices, for example, dividers, sliders, sleeves, holders, and tuck-ends to make your pre-roll boxes more protective and attractive.

We promote green packaging and use packaging material that is recyclable and ecological. Moreover, our material is sustainable enough to keep your products safe.

We have a free design support team to help you in the design selection process. Moreover, we have a dedicated design team that is available to make minor and major modifications in the design according to your requirements.