Custom Display Boxes

The way you display your products can be a prime factor influencing the purchase decision of customers. Custom display boxes can be astutely utilized for pitching, promoting, and presenting retail, food, CBD, and other products.

Custom Display Boxes Final

Custom Printed Display Boxes - Why?

Custom printed display boxes aid you with building a distinguished brand identity and desired product perception. Personalized display packaging can play a significant role in creating brand and product awareness. Uniquely designed and printed boxes for display help you with selling better along with earning your business a competitive advantage.

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Custom Display Box
Printed Custom Display Boxes
Captivating CBD Display Boxes

Captivating CBD Display Boxes

Are a great way to showcase 6 or 12 pieces of tinctures, CBD lotions, newly introduced items, and other products that you want the shoppers to notice on display counters.

Bath Bomb Display Boxes

Striking Bath Bomb Display Boxes

Carrying the sets of different bath bomb flavors will help you with presenting and promoting the offerings along with expediting the purchase decision of the customers.

Pre-roll Display Boxes

Catchy Pre-roll Display Boxes

Are a cost-effective solution for product presentation and promotion.Custom cannabis pre-roll packaging helps enhance your brand visibility and boost sales by making your products notable to potential buyers.  

Vape Cartridge Display Boxes​

Vape Cartridge Display Boxes

Placed at point-of-sale counters not only attract the vapers from the distance but are also an astute way of marketing your newly launched and recent offers.
Riveting Retail Display Boxes​

Riveting Retail Display Boxes

Aid you with presenting all kinds of retail products and making them worth checking out for the prospective shoppers.
Cosmetic Display Boxes

Coruscating Cosmetic Display Boxes

Add appeal to the showcased items and help you with marketing the latest and promo offers in an astute manner. 

Box Styles- How to Choose the Right One?

Box style is of prime importance for display boxes for retail. There are different options available, make a choice based on your product and whether the style would grab the instant attention of onlookers.

Captivating CBD Display Boxes

Cardboard Countertop Display Boxes

The countertop display boxes are pre-glued and flattened just like the folding carton boxes, for assembling them you just have to pop them. This is the most common display packaging style for all sorts of products ranging from cosmetics to candies as it makes the displayed items easier to view and evaluate.
Pre-roll Display Boxes

Die-Cut Window Display Boxes

The die-cut window enhances the visibility of the displayed products and expedites the purchase process for the customers. This style of packaging can be used for different kinds of retail and other items. Using a catchy design and finishing options will make these boxes captivating for the onlookers. 

Kraft or Cardboard? Taking Your Pick From the Stock Choices

Stock is of two types that is kraft stock and cardboard stock, these are the popular printing material options for display boxes for products. However, there are other stock choices as well that you can explore. 

Kraft Display Boxes​

Kraft Display Boxes

Kraft packaging is recyclable and user-friendly, so more and more businesses are turning towards eco-friendly kraft boxes.

Cardboard Display Boxes​

Cardboard Display Boxes

Cardboard boxes are laudable for their striking appeal and durability as the full-color technique is used for printing this packaging.

The CMYK printing method is a four-color process that is used for packaging having artwork in four colors. So, if your custom display boxes’ design is in 4 colors, you will have them printed using CMYK. 

Pantone Matching system commonly known as PMS is a printing process used for attaining color accuracy in a packaging design.

There are box artworks for which both the printing methods are required for getting the desired quality, you can have your CBD display boxes for cosmetics printed by combining these techniques for a “wow” factor. 

Finishing Options for Display Boxes Wholesale

Finishing is of utmost importance for the overall look and durability of your packaging, so when making a choice you ought to consider the product sustainability and resilience of the boxes.
Glossy Matte Lamination


Lamination provides an extra layer of protection to the packaging along with retaining the colors. This finishing option is available for cardstock only, you can’t have it for the kraft material. Glossy and matte lamination are the two options you have for getting your boxes laminated.
custom display boxes Spot UV​

Spot UV

Spot UV makes your logo, product name, and other details prominent by highlighting them. This finishing option is amazing for branding and promotional purposes. To get spot UV you need to have cardboard with matte finishing.
bath bomb display boxes

Die-Cut Styles

Get creative with your custom display packaging and have the boxes die-cut in a unique style to match your product presentation and branding needs.
There are many ways to make your display packaging noteworthy for potential customers. 
This finishing option can be customized as per your design. Have your bath bomb display boxes die-cut with a gripping style  

Hot stamping foil stamping

Foil Stamping

Also known as hot stamping, foiling is a finishing technique that can enhance the outlook of your display boxes. All kinds of high-quality printing materials support foiling including the kraft stock and cardboard, you can have pre-roll display boxes foil-stamped using a creatively compelling design.  

Embossing and Debossing For magnetic Closure Boxes

Embossing or Debossing

Embossed or debossed details on the packaging catch the eye of customers, stirring their interest in your displayed products. You can take a look at the samples for how these finishing options appear on the boxes to better decide the one that will look good on your custom packaging. 

Trust Stampa Prints for Client-Oriented Packaging Solutions

Stampa Prints has proudly assisted all sorts and sizes of businesses with their custom boxes design and printing endeavors. We focus on offering our clients unrivaled quality, affordability, and the fastest turnaround time.
Whether you are looking for custom pre-roll display boxes or any other kind of packaging to present and promote your products, we have varying designs, stocks, and finishing options available.
Our design experts can get your packaging artwork made according to your needs and liking. We make sure that the die-cut window display boxes we print are winsome enough to leave your customers hooked to your offerings.

About Our Services

We Value Our Clients Time and Trust

We put our clients’ needs and expectations ahead of everything else. We avidly take into account our customers’ requirements right from the start till the end of delivering custom boxes they ordered.

Free and Quick Design Support

If you already have a packaging design that you need to improve, ask our designers for assistance and they will provide you with tweaks to make your artwork eye-catchy. Want your custom bath bomb display boxes to have an enrapturing design?

Full-Fledged Customer Support

Whether you are a repeat client or a new one, our sales and support team will offer you all the essential and required guidance and support for customizing your retail display boxes.

FAQs- Custom Display Boxes

Custom display boxes are used for presenting and promoting cosmetics, food, CBD, bath bombs, and other items.

Yes, you can have your display packaging die-cut in the shape you want.

These display boxes are shipped folded flat and pre-glued but without being assembled. The assembly is made easy by gluing the box at one point of its side flap.

Stampa Prints can get your custom printed display boxes made in your preferred size. Share your product specs and quantity with us!

Our turnaround time is 8-12 days but if you need your order to be printed earlier, we offer rush services.

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