Sleeve Boxes

Sleeve boxes are among the most popular packaging solutions for diverse industries. The boxes keep the products well-stored which is why they are used for cosmetics, soaps, accessories, confectioneries, and several other items. The sliding layout of these boxes makes them a packaging option that is not only appealing but ensures product safety as well.

Tray Sleeve Box 1

Why Custom Sleeve Boxes?

Custom sleeve boxes are a great way to showcase and promote your offerings. Using personalized sleeve boxes, you can aid with building the desired perception of your brand and products. You can make the most of customized sleeve packaging for creating hype for a new item and keeping the products safely stocked.

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custom Sleeve Boxes Box
Custom Sleeve Boxes Box

Industry Usage of Custom Printed Sleeve Boxes

Sleeve boxes are preferred by confectioneries, chocolatiers, and bakers for promoting and safely handing over delectable delights like macarons, chocolates, and pies to the customers.

Eyelash Sleeve Packaging

Eyelash Sleeve Packaging

Enthralling eyelash sleeve packaging is used by cosmetic brands for safe storage and presentation/promotion of mink, sable, magnetic and other kinds of falsies.
Soap Sleeve Boxes

Soap Sleeve Boxes

Striking soap boxes with sleeves are utilized by soap manufacturers for packaging and marketing their products, especially the exclusive ones and to protect the items from getting affected by heat, moisture, and other factors. 
Pre-roll Sleeve Boxes

Pre-roll Sleeve Boxes

Pre-roll manufacturing companies use enticing cigarette boxes in sleeves to make their limited edition or special products worth noticing for the customers. 
Vape Cartridge Sleeve Packaging

Vape Sleeve Packaging

Vape cart sleeve packaging adds appeal to the packaged products and makes the items easier to store and carry for the vapers.
scintillating golf ball sleeve-boxes

Golf Ball Sleeve Boxes

Scintillating Golf ball sleeve boxes carrying the items get noticed from a distance. The packaging keeps the golf balls well-stored and protected on the shelves and during delivery.
Chocolate Bar Sleeve Packaging

Chocolate Bar Sleeve Packaging

Eye-catchy Chocolate Bar Sleeve Packaging makes these mouthwatering treats hard to ignore for chocolate lovers. Festive sleeve boxes can be decorated with ribbons on special occasions to promote the items as gifts. 

Comparing the Stock Options; Kraft or Cardboard

When selecting a printing material, you need to consider the size and quantity of your items and also keep in view the design that you want for your packaging. 
Kraft Sleeve Boxes

Kraft Sleeve Boxes

Printing material comes in two types one is kraft stock and the other is cardboard stock. If you have an environment-conscious brand that wants to contribute to making the planet greener, opt for kraft paper for getting eco-friendly sleeve boxes made.
Cardboard Sleeves Boxes

Cardboard Sleeves Boxes

Cardboard is a material that allows you to have full-color printing, it is also lauded for its long shelf-life so for pricey and fragile products you can choose this stock for custom sleeve boxes. Explore other stock options like corrugated or rigid material to take your pick for the one that matches your product and branding needs.

Printing Techniques- Two Color, CMYK, and PMS

If you want the custom sleeve boxes to be printed in kraft stock, two-color printing is the process that is used for making kraft packaging, it supports minimalistic or simple designs. 
CMYK is a full-color technique that adds liveliness to the packaging by printing an artwork that has four colors. If you have a four-color design for your sleeve boxes, this is the process that will bring you desired results.
Pantone Matching System or PMS is a printing process that provides amazing color accuracy for a design. There are box artworks for which both CMYK and PMS are used for achieving color and layout precision.

Finishing Options for Sleeve Boxes Wholesale

Finely finished packaging not only looks enrapturing but is also not easily affected by tampering factors. When deciding on the finishing for sleeve box, you should choose a combo that makes the boxes striking and sustainable.
Glossy Matte Lamination

Glossy or Matte Lamination

Lamination makes your packaging resistant and resilient; it also prevents the colors and design from fading away.
This finishing option comes for cardstock mostly, if you want the boxes with kraft material, you can have them laminated but then it will defeat the goal of environmental friendliness . Gloss and matte are the two lamination choices for sleeve packaging boxes.

custom display boxes Spot UV​

Spot UV

Spot UV is a customization that makes your logo and other details stand out on the packaging. If you want to promote your brand and product’s name, have spot UV on your custom sleeve boxes. You need to have your cardboard packaging with matte finishing for this custom option.
Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping or hot stamping is a finishing technique that gives packaging an attractive look. You can have this customization using any kind of printing stock. Get your tray and sleeve boxes foil-stamped using an eye-catchy design.
Die-Cut Window boxes

Die-Cut Window

Adding a window to your sleeve packaging would enhance the product’s visibility and appeal. Whether you want to package eatables or cosmetics in the sleeve boxes, a die-cut window would make your custom packaging riveting and is likely to expedite the purchase decision of the customers. 
Embossing or Debossing Boxes

Embossing or Debossing

Embossing or debossing on the tray and sleeve boxes grabs the attention of the customers toward your offerings. You can have any details embossed or debossed on the sleeve packaging. To better evaluate the finishing options, take a close look at samples made with varying customizations.

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We print custom boxes with care and attention to detail, ensuring that every package is perfect before they leave our store. For this reason, we have an in-house press that helps us produce high-quality products while staying within tightly controlled finish standards – all packaged up and ready for delivery!

FAQs- Sleeve Boxes

Packaging sleeves also commonly known as sleeves or sleeve boxes are a minimalistic, attractive, and safe way to package and store products. The sleeves are used for branding and promoting items as well.

Yes, you can have your sleeves custom made with kraft paper which is a recyclable and user-friendly printing material.

You can have your logo embossed or debossed on the boxes, foil stamping, spot UV, and glossy or matte lamination.

Stampa Prints offers reasonable price rates for custom printed sleeve boxes. Get a free price quote for your print job through email, chat, or phone.

Yes, you can have your sleeves custom printed and delivered according to your time frame by Stampa Prints.