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9 Stunning Retail Packaging Design Ideas for Your Business

Author: Elizabeth Max

The world is developing every day, and this development has given birth to many new businesses and new business methods, which has changed the priorities of the people. In the 1960s, the concept of teleshopping was introduced, which has witnessed the evolution, and now the modern form is E-Commerce. In the 2000s, the internet has conquered the world, and many new businesses have taken place by utilizing the internet.

With the emergence of E-Commerce, small businesses got success by presenting their products to customers worldwide. Different handmade products have also been introduced through the internet. The boom of these small businesses has given competition to retail businesses. Now people have different shopping options, so retailers need to take extraordinary measures to call the customers. The retail packaging is one niche that can help retailers to boost their business.

Product manufacturers are trying to help the retailers because retailers help to sell the products of the producers. Without retailers, it will be very difficult for the product producers to exhibit their products at different places, and it will also affect their business. So, producers are trying to make their products more attractive through pleasing packaging, so retailers can decorate their store’s shelves to attract customers to increase the sales and the company’s revenue.

Here are some packaging design ideas that will help the retailers and the brands to maximize their profits.

Packaging Designs Ideas:

1) Shapes and Designs:

The shape of the box is very important because it gives the idea about the product shape. The shape of packaging adds magic to the marketing. Unique shapes of retail packaging always help to attract customers, and customer attraction is the key to boost sales. The shapes of the packaging are decided according to the shape of the product. Without good shape for retail packaging, it is very difficult to compete in the market. Product producers give importance to the shape factor, and they have specialized teams of designers to design these retail packaging shapes. There are several third-party companies, which are providing these services. A producer is able to hire a freelancer to do this task. The packaging companies also offer these services to their clients by just getting a little extra amount of money. As a consumer, you will have seen different shapes of packaging in the retail stores.

Some of the famous packaging shapes are:

  • Boxes
  • Cubical Shapes
  • Rectangular Shapes
  • Jars
  • Bottles

Their several others shape for packaging that helps the retailers to boost the sales. As a producer, you can choose an attractive packaging shape that is best for your retail product.

2) Sizes:

The size of the box has also become very important in recent years. Previously, huge boxes were used for the packaging. Those boxes used to consume extra packaging material, and because of extra material, these boxes were heavy. These heavy boxes are not suitable these days because they consume extra space and material, which increases the packaging cost and customers also dislike these boxes.

Like other fields, the packaging field has also made progress. The new packaging techniques and equipment have helped the companies to produce compact packaging, which is best for retail businesses. Retailers place bulk orders, and these bulk orders need to be transported from production areas to the retailers’ warehouses. For this purpose, compact size boxes help retailers minimize transportation costs to support their business.

Now retailers are also shifting to E-Commerce, and they are ensuring their presence in online platforms to ensure their success in the coming future. Compact and lightweight boxes help the retailers to offer the best rates to the customers, and the customers also feel happy by saving their money for delivery charges.

3) Colors and Contrasts:

Colors are the most important factor of retail packaging. These colors add the magic to boost the products' sales by making the packaging more pleasing and welcoming for the customers. Colors add life to a dead packaging design. These colors give a bold look to the product and help retailers showcase your product on the store's shelves.

Coloring is just not limited to the box color; it is also for the writing font on the retail packaging. Select a font color that contradicts the packaging color. It will give a prominent look to the retail packaging. It also helps read the text from a distance, and a customer is able to recognize your product from a distance. Retail packaging color also helps to call the targeted audience like female and children products are packed in pink or red color packaging, while men prefer black color. By selecting a perfect color scheme, you can make your product prominent in the competitive market.

4) Sustainable Nature:

Sustainability has become crucial for the retail packaging of the products. The world is witnessing climate change and extreme weather due to it, which is causing different problems like food and water scarcity and severe health issues for the masses. By seeing these issues, the world has taken concrete steps to get rid of this problem. An increase in pollution is one of the major causes of climate change, and packaging waste contributes to pollution.

In recent years, the world has started to shift to renewable sources and started to avoid the things which were causing climate problems. Many countries have abandoned the use of plastic shopping bags and started to use recyclable wrapping and packaging for the products. It helps to reduce the waste that positively impacts the environment.

Customers are also very keen to use recyclable or bio-degradable packaging to ensure a good future. Different studies were conducted to know about the customer’s response to recyclable packaging. Interestingly, more than 50 percent of people are willing to use recyclable packaging. Also, forty percent of people said that they are ready to switch over a brand that uses recyclable packaging. These are very good numbers.

These numbers have allowed the producers to adopt the new trends for retail packaging and answer the customer’s need. Customers need recyclable packaging, and they have a fear of climate change. Both things should be addressed through contemporary retail packaging based on sustainable materials.

It will help the retailers fulfill the customer’s needs and demands, which will boost sales and maximize the profits of product producers and retailers.

5) Reliability and Durability:

Reliability is directly linked to durability. It has become essential for retail businesses to use durable packaging because, in the retail business, products are ordered in bulk quantity. These bulk orders need to be stored at some warehouse. A durable retail packaging ensures product safety and prevents damage or scratches to the product. It also helps to increase the product life, which gives satisfaction to the retailers and customers.

These days customers also order different products online, and their prime concern is product safety. Packaging producing companies try to ensure that their packaging is best for transportation purposes. Packaging fillers are added to serve this purpose.

Corrugated boxes, multi-layered packaging, bubble wraps, and secondary packaging are used to ensure product safety. Delivery companies also add their special packaging and fillers to ensure the product's safety because they do not want to take any risk, and they need a five-star rating for their business.

6) Bold Design:

Bold designs have helped many brands to establish their name in the market by gaining the trust of the customers. These bold designs are based on good shapes and printing. Using bold colors and quality pictures with catchy taglines and slogans makes a bold design.

The bold designs for retail packaging have high acceptability in the market. Because of this trend, companies have started to design bold packaging for retail products. Now you can see many packaging with sharp colors, contrast, and bold looks in the retail stores.

Retailers have also adopted this technique for subscription boxes to enhance their business.

7) Plain and Elegant:

Some customers like plain and elegant packaging. They do not like extra frills in the packaging. Retailers need to entertain these customers also. For this purpose, they need plain and sleek packaging for the product.

Producers keep in mind this aspect while choosing the packaging design. Every packaging design comes to the market after going through different processes and tests. Gaining customer response is part of the process. Companies conduct pilot projects to acquire the customer’s response, and they make changes to the packaging designs if needed.

Usually, older age groups prefer these plain packagings because they believe in durability and usability rather than frisky designs.

8) Sharp and Sleek Design:

These designs are used for boxes of cubical, rectangular, or square shapes. Sharp edges and sleek lines help give a bold look to the packaging box, attracting customers. These sharp lines and edges provide a premium look to the packaging box that is important for retail businesses.

At a retail store, customers see various products in a single place, so why should they choose your product is determined through the packaging of your product. Humans are visual creatures, and they make a perception about things according to their appearance. If your product's appearance is premium, then definitely, customers are going to choose your product.

9) Surprise Packaging:

Surprises are the best way to trigger the human consciousness. This consciousness can help retailers to boost sales. This trend is being utilized for decades. Companies add gift vouchers, lucky draw options, and other surprises in the product packaging to attract customers. Customers buy these products to test their luck, and sometimes they purchase more than one product to win the prize. This trend helps boost sales of the retailers, which maximizes the profits of retailers and the brands.