Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes are sturdy and recyclable.

Kraft box making them perfect for shipping your products.

In addition, Kraft boxes come in various sizes so that you can find the perfect box for your needs.

Natural Custom Printed Kraft Box Packaging – Stampa Prints

Custom kraft boxes are gaining popularity among brands and start-ups because they are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Advancements made in the past decade by printing and packaging companies have made the use of kraft boxes affordable, and now you can customize them according to your needs.
Before that, you could only print one or two colors on kraft stock, but with the latest printing technologies like UVs and LED UV inks, you can now print full-color jobs or Pantone color print jobs as well.

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Our Customization Options for Kraft Packaging Boxes

Compared to cardboard packaging, kraft packaging has fewer customization options but kraft stock, when used for packaging, adds aesthetic value to your brand even if the packaging is plain.

Custom Soap Boxes

Custom Soap Boxes

Soap boxes

Soap Boxes



Foiling is one of the most common finishing options to customize kraft boxes. You can add different colors of foiling according to your brand theme to make the kraft box more attractive.


Embossing or Debossing

You can add that touch of luxury and sophistication by embossing or debossing on your kraft boxes. It’s an effective way to add value and importance to your brand and helps you in differentiating your product from similar-looking products at shops.
kraft apparel boxes

Kraft Apparel Boxes

Kraft boxes are ideal for all types of packaging including apparel packaging. You can use lid & tray boxes in Kraft stock for your apparel products or if you want to try something fancy you can have magnetic closure boxes made in Kraft stock that will appeal to your target market as well.
kraft gift boxes

Kraft Gift Boxes

For the holiday and festivity season, Kraft packaging is the perfect choice to pack and send giveaways. You can customize the boxes according to different styles like pillow boxes, gable boxes or give them a custom look. They will surely create a memorable experience for the ones you send them to.
Food packaging

Kraft Food Packaging

Food packaging is very diverse and has its challenges as well, you need to keep the cost of packaging low and still maintain box quality as well. You don’t want to be in a situation where the cost of packaging is more than the product itself. Exceptions are made during the holiday season when brands opt for high-end packaging to send them as giveaways and advertise new products as well. Kraft boxes for cakes and bakery products are cost-effective as well for people who make homemade products

Kraft Jewellery Boxes

More and more companies are switching to recyclable and eco-friendly stock because of the impact paper has on climate. Start-ups are leading this revolution and are forcing established brands to re-think their packaging strategy as well. Jewellery packaging is one area where new brands are using Kraft boxes to display products and they are using unique box styles to add a lot of interest and charm to the jewellery item

Kraft Mailer Boxes

Custom Kraft mailer boxes are used as shipping or storage boxes in the e-commerce industry and by drop shipping companies to deliver products securely. There is an extra layer of corrugated stock with Kraft that keeps the product safe and the box sturdy during shipping.

Kraft boxes with Windows

Custom Kraft boxes with windows is a die-cut feature that is mostly used by soap manufacturers for soap packaging to display the product attractively. Apart from these, Kraft paper bags are popularly used for retail purposes. Kraft envelopes and document boxes have their usage and benefits as well

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Stampa Prints; Your Go-to Source for Kraft Boxes

Stampa Prints is your reliable source for high-quality Kraft boxes. We provide a variety of wholesale Kraft boxes including gift boxes, mailer boxes & jewellery boxes to name a few.
We have the lowest MOQs in the industry and you can get a minimum of 100 printed boxes as well, customized according to your needs.
Our USP is custom boxes, we add value to your brand by customizing it according to your market and target audience, you can print your company logo, your social media channels like Facebook & Instagram, your website if you have one.
As your product sales grow, you will see an increase in traffic or customers from other channels as well. Eventually, it will become a success story for you, and Stampa Prints is here to make that happen!
Stampa Prints is the go-to source for all things custom and we offer a wide variety of styles to suit your needs.

FAQ’s – Kraft Packaging

Kraft paper boxes do have a standard size, which is available in white or brown color. It is made with recycled paper and can be customized accordingly in any size or shape you want.

Kraft stock is known for its eco-friendliness, bio-degradability, and sustainability. It is the most efficient packaging method and yet does not demand a major setback to your cash.

Kraft paperboard that is used for all Kraft boxes is produced from 100% recycled Kraft material.

Kraft is a good option for shipping; however, we recommend corrugated material, which is the best option for the shipment because it is lightweight and protects your products without hassle.

It is suggested that you use bold and dark colours on the Kraft paper. In this way, the colours will not affect the original color of Kraft. And every color will be noticeable.

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