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Kraft box packaging is eco-friendly and sustainable that is used by various retailers. It is the most flexible choice as it comes in all sizes and shapes. Many businesses prefer Kraft paper boxes for their eco-friendly nature and use them to pack numerous items, such as perfumes, food, cosmetics, and more.

We manufacture Kraft boxes that are environmental-friendly and supports customization smoothly.

Our Wholesale Kraft packaging boxes with logos can make your products look more attractive and unique in the market. We deliver error-free packaging across the United States and Canada within the required timeframe and with no hidden charges.

Explore our extensive range of personalized kraft boxes and attract customers for your brand.

Promote Your Business with Kraft Boxes

Our company promotes your brand with custom style boxes, namely lid & tray, two-piece box and more. We offer Kraft box packaging for different industries like food, cosmetics, jewelry, gift, and so on to make your entire packaging experience seamless. It protects your product against several tampering factors.

Our competent team defines the value of your brand with its high-quality packaging of the custom Kraft boxes.

They can be designed by keeping your requirements and customization options in mind. Kraft boxes can be manufactured in any size, shape, and dimension to compliment your brand's signature style.

All these features act as a part of your marketing tool to leave a great impression on your customers with our sales-driven strategies. You also get a 3D mockup design to learn about the potential look for promoting your business.

Our Kraft paper packaging is the most elegant box we have on the list because of its biodegradability, premium material, flexibility, durability, and artistic values.


Kraft paper boxes do have a standard size, which is available in white or brown color. It is made with recycled paper and can be customized accordingly in any size or shape you want.

Kraft stock is known for its eco-friendliness, bio-degradability, and sustainability. It is the most efficient packaging method and yet does not demand a major setback to your cash.

Kraft paperboard that is used for all Kraft boxes is produced from 100% recycled Kraft material.

Kraft is a good option for shipping; however, we recommend corrugated material, which is the best option for the shipment because it is lightweight and protects your products without hassle.

It is suggested that you use bold and dark colors on the Kraft paper. In this way, the colors will not affect the original color of Kraft. And every color will be noticeable.