Matte vs Gloss Lamination – Which Is Right for Packaging?

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April 1, 2024

The packaging is the first thing a customer will see when they come in contact with your product. You want them to feel like it was worth their time and effort, but you don’t need garish colors or flashy lettering because that can make people uncomfortable if not done properly.

Gloss lamination offers an eye-catching finish, while matte provides understated elegance, which appeals more subtly depending on what type of consumer you are trying to target.

Both processes come with their own benefits and have an integral part in creating an influential impact. It defines how your product packaging is going to stand out in the market.

What is Lamination?

Lamination is the practice of using an extremely thin, plastic film to your packaging to protect them and make their appearance more pleasing. It offers supreme protection for all printable items – more so than varnish – and helps diminish any creases that may be present on thicker papers.

It is also water-resistant, which helps keep moisture away from boxes and boosts its longevity when it comes in contact with other elements like UV rays and dust particles found outdoors during shipping times. Laminate offers a greater level of protection than varnish.

While lamination does offer a premium look and feel, there are some drawbacks. The main disadvantage to this design is that it is not 100% recyclable because the process of adding one layer actually seals in all other layers (including paper), so they cannot be removed as easily or recycled as traditional boxes would be.

There are many different types of laminations, but the two most common styles include matte and glossy. Matte is perfect if you want a smoother look to your packaging, while glossier makes it shinier.

Gloss Lamination

Brand identity is something that should be communicated through every consumer touchpoint, from the packaging to customer experience. The design of your custom packaging can significantly impact how consumers perceive and connect with your brand.

Gloss lamination is a visually engaging, dynamic way to refine products. Gloss laminate produces richer colors than matte and enhances the crisp lines of an image-heavy product with its strong visual appeal.

The Aspects of Gloss Lamination

Gloss laminate has a durable finish that is resistant to dirt and dust. When it does come into contact with surface dirt, it can be easily wiped clean for excellent protection of your product.

Gloss gives off a premium feel in brightly lit retail environments, but wrinkles, scratches, or indents may become more visible from the gloss coating as well as UV coatings on selected parts of the print causing brighter colors overshadowing any subtlety in your effective laminated packaging design.

Matte Lamination

The packaging design is more than just the exterior of a product. It is about how you communicate to your customers on an emotional level, and it can be used as a way to build or destroy brands.

Nowadays, people are using matte finishes in order to create high-end products that stand out from other run-of-the-mill goods that consumers might pass over while browsing at their local store. Although these types of packaging may show fingerprints easily, they are designed with durability in mind, so no worries there.

The Aspects of Matte Lamination

Matte lamination is a great option to create an overall softer look. Especially with darker colors, the less reflective finish will lessen contrast and produce tones that are more muted in color.

This creates a sense of sophistication while still standing out from competitors for consumers with different tastes who may be looking for something new.

With the rapid growth of in-store shopping, many brands are opting for matte lamination printing for their packaging.

Matte black is a perfect canvas for using printing techniques like embossing and metallic foiling to make products more enticing on shelves, while also being easy to disassemble after it reaches its destination.

Difference Between Matte and Gloss Lamination

We shall now look at the most prominent difference between matte and gloss lamination. You can decide the one that suits your packaging from the following comparison:

APPEARANCESoft and lush lookShiny and dynamic look
SAFETYIt does not show scratches and abrasions muchIt is good against fingerprints, dirt and dust. It can easily be cleaned. It shows indents and scrapes more
INK RECEPTIONYou can write on a matte laminated packageIt is not that easy to write on the gloss laminated box
REFLECTIONIt does not cause any glareIt reflects in the light and if placed under light at store, might cause problem

Why Choose Matte Lamination?

It would be best to choose the matte lamination when being placed under direct light. It is effective against avoiding a severe glare when looking at the package from up close and makes the colors in your packaging stand out more.

It makes it easier for people passing by or browsing on shelves near you to find what they are looking for without turning their heads too much.

The retail version of your design is made with a durable matte laminate that can withstand being handled often (and even shuffled around).

Matte finishes maintain crisp lines as well as an elegant appearance, unlike glossy ones, which tend to dull down over time due to adverse effects such as scratches or scuffs caused by mishandling during shipping and handling just before purchase – something we all want our products not exposed to.

Why Choose Gloss Lamination?

Gloss lamination is an excellent choice for luxuary packaging. It provides a durable surface that resists scuffs, smudges, and fingerprints.

There are several finishing options available to resist glare or allow your colors stand out more easily while still maintaining their durability against other varieties like matte laminate, which can be cheaper but not as resistant in the long run when it comes to scratches and stains.

It is excellent to show vibrant colors without burdening your wallet. You must opt for it when you do not mind the glare and want a vivid representation in the market.

The Final Thought

There are a variety of types and textures to choose from when it comes to laminates. You will see the difference in person, but you should know how customers feel before making the final decision.

When browsing with an experienced brand specialist, have them show you templates or prototypes in different finishes so that way you can compare every possibility first hand without any risk.

New packaging can make your products stand out and help you convey an important message to consumers.

You are in control of the tone, feel, and look of your package with a wide range of innovative solutions that will give your product what it needs to be successful on shelves around the world.

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