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Why Packaging inspiration Is Important for Designing?

Author: Elizabeth Max

More focus has been paid in recent years to package design, as businesses recognize that appealing packaging is equivalent to increased sales. When you choose a bottle of wine, aren't you attracted to bottles with interesting labels? Your product packaging may be the first point of touch of the customer.

Your packaging concept is one of the most critical aspects of a successful product introduction. Yet, there are so many things to worry about when creating a packaging design. It is a concept that has to succeed. It has to cover what is inside the packaging. It needs to make it convenient to store and sell. It wants to show knowledge about what it is and to attract attention to itself on a shelf full of rivalry. No matter how good a product is, bad packaging will stop it from the sale.

How Packaging Inspiration Helps in Designing and Generating Business?

i) Gives Unique Ideas:

Inspirational ideas attract the masses, and inspiration helps to bring these ideas. This inspiration comes with deep observation. By overserving your surroundings, looking deep into the product's features can help to conceive a new idea that can make a difference.

Packaging design plays a part in how consumers can view your business and, more specifically, your product. For one thing, investing in fantastic packaging will add to the appeal of the consumer. Enticing packaging design will contribute to a rise in revenue.

ii) Attracts More People:

Unique ideas trigger the consciousness of the customers. Every day, customers are looking for something new that is unique in nature, use, or made up of unique material.

If you have an inspiring idea that can make the life of the masses easy, it will help to attract more people. Common packaging ideas that are being practiced in the market for decades will not inspire the customers.

You can inspire people by the unique features of the packaging material, giving them the solution to the packaging problems, or increasing the practicality of the packaging design.

iii) Increases the Sales:

It is linked to attracting more customers. When more customers pay interest in your packaging design, it develops their interest in your product. This interest creates a desire to buy your product, which is directly linked to your product's sales.

Your packaging idea should inspire the customers. Sometimes artwork inspires the customers, and sometimes the packaging itself screams the customers to buy the product.

Inspiration for a packaging design can come from the product story. Every product comes with a story. This story can be of product creation or its evolution process. You just need to highlight the story in front of the customer. It will also help to boost sales.

iv) Establishes Brand Identity:

Creativity is key to establish the brand's identity. People trust the brands because of their creative approach and out of the box ideas. Different brands in the market are known because of their creative approach.

This creative approach comes from inspiration because creativity and inspiration are joining hand to hand with each other. Packaging designers are always in search of inspiration that can give them more creative ideas for packaging designs.

They took ideas from culture, from craft, from nature, and from people. A cultural aspect also helps to connect with people of that culture. You can highlight the traditions, colors, and lifestyle of the people of that culture on the packaging design to connect with them.

The packaging designers can get inspiration from the culture and can add little creativity to it. The use of modern techniques or the fusion of evolutionary processes can help him to do so.

As it targets a certain group of people, it helps to create a good image of your brand in their minds, establishing the brand identity.

v) Creates Brand's Loyalty:

When you establish your brand identity in the market, it gives you loyal customers. These customers religiously follow your brand or the company and also recommend it to others.

It also helps in a crisis to have loyal customers. Companies spent a handsome amount of their capital to create brand loyalty.

Moreover, these people are always searching for new things and new ideas, so they become the early adopters of your product.

You need to inspire these people through your packaging of the product. For this purpose, the packaging design should justify the definition of inspiration.

Also, the inspirational design is just not enough to retain your product customers. You need to develop your product and increase the benefits of the packaging material.

Stereotypes When It Comes to Packaging Inspiration:

From the decades, the discussion about the stereotypes for designing inspiration is in process. Packaging designs and colors are associated with a specific gender, region, or people.

Designing is an artwork, and art doesn't follow boundaries. There is no gender for designs or color. So, these designs and colors should not be associated with anything.

These stereotypes have traveled from generations, and everyone has taken them according to his prior experience or knowledge.

Limiting the scope of creativity by attaching it to something dictates the creativity, which has a short life.

Take care of these stereotypical issues that have deep roots in the society. These stereotypes can ruin your inspiration and creative ideas.

Common Stereotypes:

i) Color Stereotypes:

There is a specific stereotypical thinking about the colors. Pink color is often associated with children and women. The red color is considered for happiness and love. Gift box packaging are often decorated with red color wrapping sheets and flowers.

You need to consider these color elements while making a packaging design for your product.

Gender and Designs Specific Stereotype:

The same goes for the gender stereotypes in packaging designs. The packaging with sharp and bright colors are associated with the youngsters, while plain and sleek designs are associated with the older age-group.

Designs with more embroidery and color contrasts are associated with women, while plain and simple color schemes are associated with men.

You also need to consider these elements while designing packaging or getting inspiration for a packaging design.

ii) Illustrations and Animations:

Illustrations and animations in packaging designs are associated with children. Different products like toys, stationery products, and games portray super-hero’s animations on packaging to connect with children.

You need to understand the demographics of your targeted audience before starting the work on packaging design.


People are by nature visual beings. These visuals separate a poor company from a decent company in that it knows how to draw the interest of its clients. They do this with the help of packaging design. At the same time, an interesting and eye-catching logo plays a significant role in the selling of a product. Nothing gets as near as the physically pleasing and striking graphic effects on prospective buyers.

Every time bringing a new packaging idea is a difficult task to do. The designers need the inspiration to come up with a new idea that serves the interest of both the customer and the seller. They keenly observe the nature, objects, and the people to do this task. It helps them to increase their productivity.

Keeping in mind the stereotypes for inspiration is also important. These stereotypes vary with regions. It also helps to understand the geographics, demographics, psychographics and behavioral aspect of the customer that plays an important role in business development.