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How a Quality Apparel Packaging Helps the Brands and the Customers?

Author: Elizabeth Max

Traditionally people go to a store and purchase their clothing by hand, and they get to wear them for fitting and experience the textures. Whereas in online shopping, they don't have a chance to do this, and some consumers miss this experience. It is one of the main reasons that your apparel product's unboxing should give a significant experience to the customers. It's more about making sure the item comes in one piece. It's also about giving them a memorable experience when they first open the box and see the stuff. They deserve to be impressed with the attractive presentation of their products.

In online orders, when the box arrives at the customer's door, it'll be the first time that your apparel product is being seen and felt in person. From the apparel box's opening right down to the unwrapping of the clothing piece itself, the whole process would have a lifelong impact on the customers. If you don't get it right, you run the risk of attracting returning clients, getting unfavorable feedback, and tarnishing your brand image-get it right, though, and you'll find yourself with more than satisfied customers.

In contrast, when a customer purchases the products at the stores, he demands quality packaging. Quality in terms of packaging materials, shapes, and printing designs; you will notice that renowned brands use customized packaging for apparel products. A customized apparel packaging gives them the opportunity to give a memorable experience to the customers, so they prefer the brand to others. For this purpose, brands use sustainable, durable, and light-weight materials for apparel packaging. These qualities highlight the brand vision, goals and give a premium look to the packaging. Customer also demands these qualities in apparel packaging, so let's find out What advantages it gives to the customers? And why customers demand quality apparel packaging?

Advantages of Apparel Packaging

1) Provides Protection:

The fundamental aim of Apparel packaging is to safeguard the product from any harm that can occur during transportation, handling, or in the storing process. Apparel packaging keeps the product safe across the logistics chain, from the retailer to the end-user. It protects the product from moisture, glare, heat, and other external influences, which is the most critical packaging reason. These days, it is very common to pay more attention to packaging than the actual product, particularly when purchasing goods from online retailers.

As a brand, the protection of your products is extremely critical if you want them to survive the transit process and ultimately if you want your brand to retain a good image. When several objects are attached to the order, the package will easily become heavy, increasing the likelihood of a break in the package during transport. More fragile objects, such as hats and heavily decorative clothing, are often more vulnerable to crushing damage and require extra protection.

Many apparel goods can already come in a ready-made retail or show package, but for extra security and to ensure that your products and their retail packaging remain secure, it may well be worth shipping them in a solid single-walled or double-walled carton box. Companies use corrugated boxes for this purpose. These boxes are durable and light-weighted and are best for online orders.

2) Increases Product Life:

The quality of packaging determines the life of the product. It has a direct linkage with the durability of the packaging. A reliable apparel packaging not only attracts the customers but increases the product life. Customers love apparel packaging because of this reason. Some companies use multi-layer packaging, while some companies add secondary packaging to improve the products' lives. Fillers are also important in the packaging; these fillers help maintain the apparel products' shape. The shirt's Collar tags and pins are prime examples of apparel fillings.

Moreover, consumers are opting ready-to-use packaging. They are demanding practical, life-saving packaging that is extremely user-friendly. The usability of packaging is judged only by customers. Packaging that is convenient to open and close, easy to fold and arrange during use, and that can be reused or recycled would meet some of the consumer's requirements. In comparison, the optimum design improves usability. This usability is directly linked to the product life because if the packaging is user-friendly, a customer will try to use it again to keep the product safe; it will increase the product life. In contrast, if the packaging is difficult to open or close, a customer will avoid it, which will reduce the product's life.

3) Gives Premium Look:

The packaging is an integrated part of the product identity, and it gives a premium look to your apparel product. Unique packaging will improve the appeal of the product and thereby impact the ability to purchase the product. The packaging is almost as critical as the commodity itself. It aims to stand out from the shelf or website, increase revenue, provide valuable product information and increase interest. Two-third of people claim the packaging affects their purchasing choices. Packaging will also tell a whole story about the company behind the product and the cultural, social, and economic effects of the product. It is a tool to articulate the brand's ideals and the tremendous advantages that the commodity gives to the customer.

In recent years, known brands have set up their own packaging units where they make versatile packagings for their products. They hire specialized research teams which work to develop the packaging according to customers' demands. Companies use modern printing techniques to ensure the premium look of the packaging.

In recent years, known brands have set up their own packaging units where they make versatile packagings for their products. They hire specialized research teams which work to develop the packaging according to customers' demands. Companies use modern printing techniques to ensure the premium look of the packaging. Brand know that what are demands of the customers, and how to entertain the packaging needs of their customers. Their packaging themes complement their strategies. They use premium quality packaging for their products, so a customer can identify their brands on the competitive shelves. Some brands add barcodes to the packaging to avoid scams in the market. The brands have a fear that no one uses their name to sell their products. Replicas of renowned brands are easily available in the market. Brands add barcodes in the packaging to avoid scams, and a customer can easily recognize the original product.

4) Best for Gifts:

Garments and clothes are also used as gifts, and people love these gifts. Good apparel packaging plays the role of a gift box. These packagings are made from eco-friendly materials, so it does not create waste like ordinary gift packaging. Usually, apparel packaging is made with cardboard, which is very to decorate as a gift box. Adding a single flower, bow, or ribbon to these boxes is enough to decorate them as a gift box. Customers can write the greeting message or well wishes on the box or inside the box that will play a role of a greeting card.

These apparel boxes are durable and have lightweight, so these apparel boxes are a perfect solution for the transportation of apparel products as a gift. By seeing the advantages, customers and retailers are more inclined to use custom apparel packaging, and the demand for these packagings is increasing day by day.

5) Values Their Money:

The customer is at the receiving end, and eventually, he will have to pay for the packaging. A packaging cost is included in the product cost. So, if the packaging of the product is expensive, it will increase the product price automatically. If some company is using cheaper packaging, so it will minimize its exposure in the market. In the short run, a company can cut the packaging cost to minimize the product cost, but expensive packaging helps the company in the long run. Through attractive and premium packaging, companies can target the corporate class of the society, who is willing to pay extra for the quality of the packaging. When a product is recognized at a corporate or elite level, it becomes the status symbol.

You will have noticed that some brands just targeted the upper class of society. The packaging techniques of those brands will differ from the other brands. They set a benchmark in the market, which becomes the market trend. People happily pay them extra for quality apparel packaging.

On the other hand, if apparel packaging is also used to target the middle class of society. This class of society tries to find the value of money deals, which is cheap in price and gives maximum advantages. For this purpose, companies use paper and cardboard material for apparel packaging, which gives a pleasing look to the packaging and is very cheaper in price. You will find different kinds of apparel packaging in the market, which is made of cardboard and paper. Smaller businesses have started to use customized packaging. They adopted this trend because of two reasons: the customers demand it, and it helps them to promote their businesses.


The advantages of any product make it superior to others. When it comes to apparel packaging, the advantages become more crucial because customers pay a lot of attention to the apparel packaging. Packaging companies ensure that their packaging is fulfilling the customer's need, is according to contemporary needs, and complements the brand's promise. Through attractive apparel packaging, companies retain their potential customers and try to influence potential customers. Because of the advantages and market demand, apparel packaging has become an integral part of the brand promise. If you have a clothing brand, you should choose good quality apparel packaging for your products. It will help to develop your business and maximize your profits.