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Dos and Don’ts of CBD Packaging Printing

Author: Elizabeth Max

CBD industry has become one of the blooming ones. The increased popularity of cannabidiol infused products and cannabinoids is encouraging CBD retailers to come up with new and better formulations. Just like every other business, there are a lot of challenges for this one too especially with the limitations like not being allowed to market the merchandise. Whether you have just started off your CBD brand or been in the industry for a while, it is imperative to improve customer acquisition and retentions rates to earn yourself a distinguished identity.
Packaging is an effective medium of consumer communication, marketing and branding. If you get it designed and printed winsomely, you will be surprised with its impact. Compelling CBD boxes will intrigue the shoppers to know more about your offerings. You can showcase your newly launched cannabidiol bath salts, hair care items and skin elixirs in riveting packaging for enhancing their appeal. Boxes for products will also assist you with educating the new consumers about the benefits and efficacy of different CBD items. Personalized packaging has the potential to sway the casual buyers into noticing and liking the merchandise.
If you want to excel in the industry and make your mark by being a brand that customers look out for buying all kinds of CBD products, use customized boxes for building credibility. You can make the most of packaging for enlightening shoppers about the unique selling points of your business. You don’t have to use the conventional canny marketing phrases on the boxes, a conversational tone for your packaging will make it gripping for the buyers. Boxes for merchandise customized considering the psychographics of your target audience will persuade them into checking out your CBD tinctures, analgesics and other items. You can win over the trust of prospective customers through communicative packaging.
If you have an e-CBD store, it is all the way more important to have signature boxes to make a statement. If you want to make your brand and product range worth recalling for the consumers, packaging will help you with accomplishing this goal. You can give a sneak peek of your cannabidiol items to the shoppers through custom printed boxes. Packaging can make your brand’s logo memorable with the customers and they are likely to come back for a repeat purchase. Boxes for retail are a great way to reach out to consumers far and wide and tell them about your expertise and distinctive product collection.
When getting the packaging for CBD items customized, you need to keep in view various factors. There are many mistakes that you are prone to make and skipping any of the essential elements that count for making the boxes worthwhile would lead to repercussions like affecting your brand’s repute and image. So you should be meticulous when getting your packaging customized.

Do Select the Stock for Boxes after thorough Evaluation:

Whether you want to package cannabidiol cosmetics, chocolates, soap bars, oils or any other items, the packaging ought to be resilient and durable. You should ask the printer to provide you material options; if you are new to printing it is better to get an insight on the kinds of commonly used stocks. Cardboard, kraft, corrugated material and bux board are the available options. Kraft paper is liked because if its biodegradability, if you want to offer customers light weight, chemical free and easy to recycle boxes, kraft is a likable option. If you are looking for full color printing that adds glam to the packaging, cardstock can be chosen. Make sure that you ask in detail about thickness, flexibility and durability of the chosen material before placing the order.
Do Select the Stock for Boxes after thorough Evaluation

Do pay Attention to the Design Details of Packaging:

Do pay Attention to the Design Details of Packaging

Shoppers are likely to perceive your CBD items by having a glance at the boxes’ design. You should use creative artwork for the boxes with imagery, color scheme and font style that complement the packaged items. For instance, you can choose vibrant and pleasing color themes for CBD cosmetics’ packaging to give buyers an idea about the packaged lip glosses and creams. Pictorial designs are popular these days, so instead of using chunks of text, you should use high resolution graphics on the boxes to describe the striking features of your merchandise. Be original with the artwork; don’t copy someone’s packaging design as it will leave a bad impression about your brand on the target consumers.

We have compiled some insightful tips that will expedite your printing venture!

Do include your Branding Essentials on Customized Boxes:

Do include your Branding Essentials on Customized Boxes

If you want the customers to distinguish you from other CBD retailers, better include your branding details in packaging. You should have your logo, tagline, website address and social media profile info printed prominently on the boxes. CBD box packaging that will have all your business credentials will make it convenient for the shoppers to connect with you and learn more about your upcoming products and offers. You will be able to get feedback from the buyers for your cannabidiol items and implement their suggestions for improving the service experience. Don’t use fabricated claims of being one of its kind and the best on the boxes; this will make customers wary about your products, stay real and factual.

Do make Packaging Descriptive and Informative:

Do make Packaging Descriptive and Informative

If you want to sell more and better, have all the basic and additional information of your CBD topical creams, pet pampering and other items printed on the boxes. The packaging should facilitate customers to choose a product after knowing everything about its formulation, usage and any potential side effects. You should use the boxes for merchandise to help buyers making an informed decision. Many shoppers are reluctant to try out cannabidiol items, use packaging for addressing their concerns and convincing them about the cognitive and other benefits of cannabinoids. This will make your brand a worth relying one and you will be able to create unique inkling for your merchandise. Net weight, best before date, frequency of using an item must be there on the packaging, you can insert a detailed literature within the boxes for providing comprehensive guidelines.

Do offer Consumer Friendly Boxes for CBD Items:

Do offer Consumer Friendly Boxes for CBD Items

When making a preference for packaging style, you should consider consumer convenience. Hard to open, close and carry boxes will make it difficult for the users to take out and store back CBD pain relieving oils, skincare and other items. You should discuss with the printer about the packaging styles that are user friendly. Straight tuck, flap and sleeve boxes are a few likable options. If you want a die-cut box, do check out if it will make the product consumption and storage easy for the buyers. Offering shoppers simple to handle packaging will boost your image as a business that cares for its consumers’ needs and comfort.

Do make Packaging Smart and Purposeful:

Do make Packaging Smart and Purposeful

Without adding purposefulness to your CBD boxes, you will not be able to get fruitful results out of them. Packaging should be useful for the customers; you need to make it handy so that they don’t throw it away. Give them a reason to stock it up along with the packaged items. There are many cannabidiol items that should be stored within their boxes to protect them from extreme weather conditions and shock. If the packaging isn’t worthy enough to be kept with the product, the shoppers might look out for other brand options. You should also have a pictorial tutorial printed on the boxes for assisting consumers to use a CBD item effectively.

Don’t get the Boxes Printed without being Sure about Size Specs:

Don’t get the Boxes Printed without being Sure about Size Specs

When getting the packaging for CBD items customized, you should tell the printer about the size specifications of the product bottle or container. Getting a too small or large box for oils, tinctures, aroma therapy candles and other items would affect their texture and efficacy. You should brief the printing solutions provider about the size of packaging; it should perfectly fit the product and sustain it on shelves and during delivery. You should also have protective inserts for the items that have glass bottles or are susceptible of getting spilled when en route for shipping.

Don’t Rely on an Amateur Printing Vendor:

Don’t Rely on an Amateur Printing Vendor

This one can be consequential in many ways. Trusting a printing service provider that isn’t acquainted with the latest trends or doesn’t have dependable stock suppliers will deliver you poor quality boxes that will affect the quality of packaged items and your brand’s credibility. So when signing up with a printer, you need to check out if a company has the requisite skills and experience to provide you quality and gratifying services. Stampa Prints is lauded for offering all kinds of business contemporary personalized packaging solutions across United States and Canada. Whether you are looking for a printing solutions provider online or locally, analyze its service standards and get in touch with the support team to know more about its customer service practices and core values. You should trust a printer that is passionate about printing and custom packaging. Compare turnaround time, pricing and handling/shipping charges of various printing companies before opting for the best option.

Don’t Use a Bland and Boring Packaging Layout:

Don’t Use a Bland and Boring Packaging Layout

Customers these days have a limited attention span. If you want to grab their attention, your product and customized boxes should be scintillating. When choosing the packaging layout, you should give preference to an artsy and gripping design. Boring artwork isn’t likely to add a terrific touch to the boxes. Also make sure that the overall layout is entrancing, just using attractive graphics isn’t enough. Involve a marketing expert in designing the packaging, so that the boxes have catchy content that makes the shoppers stop by and ask the counter staff about your cannabidiol items.

Don’t use Obvious Marketing Tricks on the Boxes:

Don’t use Obvious Marketing Tricks on the Boxes

The days when buyers used to get impressed from the marketing messages have gone. You now have to adopt an astute approach to appeal to their senses and emotions. Don’t use advertising lingo on the packaging for CBD items. This will make the customers conscious and they will judge you for luring them into liking and buying the products. When finalizing the text details for the boxes, make sure that you check every single word and sentence and make it more about explaining the product rather than claiming that there is nothing like it. Being informative will make customers trust your business.

Don’t use an Outdated Packaging Style and Customizations:

Don’t use an Outdated Packaging Style and Customizations

You should be careful with picking box style and finishing options for your CBD merchandise. Don’t use outdated packaging customizations and shapes. You can explore the most recent updates and ideas for customized boxes. If you feel confused or lost, ask the printer to guide you or send samples for better understanding. This will make you familiar with the industry and printing trends and you will be able to incorporate them in your packaging. You should also make certain that the customization combos you choose make the boxes hard to ignore. You don’t have to use many of them, just pick two of them like foil stamping and matte finishing. The packaging should be memento of your professionalism and creative approach.

Don’t stick with one Packaging Design for Long:

Don’t use an Outdated Packaging Style and Customizations

Customers long for innovation. They get bored of the same product and this goes for the box it is packaged in as well. You should be changing and improving CBD packaging at regular intervals for making it enticing for the existing and new shoppers. You can retain the interest of potential consumers by offering them new CBD items in strikingly new designed boxes. Be that brand that is persistent with bringing in fresh ideas for creating a pleasing experience for the consumers.

Differentiating packaging can earn you a competitive advantage for your CBD brand. You can use it for strengthening your market positioning and winning over loyal customers who would spread the good word about your business to help you rank better.

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