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10 Best 3D Packaging Design Software in 2021

Author: Elizabeth Max

The packaging industry has seen an evaluation. The journey from drawing simple designs on paper to 2D and 3D printing is fascinating. The evolution has changed this industry entirely. A few decades back, there used to be very simple packaging design, which consumes extra space, extra material, and above all, they were difficult to transport from one place to another.

Old design packaging was also not cost-efficient because it was made from heavier material, increasing production and transportation costs.

Moreover, it needs quality checks, which require more time and money. The trend of 3D packaging designs has become popular globally.

Now companies have established their 3D design centers, where they do research work to find new strategies, find out the best packaging material, and finalize the 3D designs for different products.

Why 3D Packaging Design Software Are Important?

There are different benefits of 3D packaging designs, which are:

  • Cost-Efficient
  • Consume Less Time
  • Improves Accuracy

10 Best 3d Packaging Design Software

Different software applications are used for designing a 3D packaging design. These software applications help to visualize the idea and bring it to the computer’s screen.

There are different free 3D designing software applications in the market. They are used for simple designs because free software does not offer all the features of a good 3D designing software application.

The premium version of these software applications offers extra features that make the designing job easier and provides a more practical packaging design.

Let’s find out the best 3D packaging design software, which can help you to design an amazing packaging design.

1. Artios CAD

It is one of the commonly used designing tools that design a practical 3D packaging design for your products. It is often used for packaging made up of cardboard, like corrugated boxes, etc.

It contains a vast library of die-cuts, which fulfills ECMA (European Computer Manufacturer's Association) and FEFCO (The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers) requirements.

Previously, different 2D designing tools were being used for packaging designs. Some of those tools offer an automated option that smoothens the workflow by automatically aligning the objects and suggesting a structure. Now, these tools are rarely used because modern designing tools have taken their place.

In contrast to 2D designing tools, Artios CAD simplifies the designing process. It helps to smoothen the workflow and increase productivity. But it does not offer the autonomous factor. This software application is not free, and the consumer is charged in case of updates.

2. Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe Illustrator also provides 3D designs by providing a variety of designs and objects, and shapes. It provides ease to the designers by choosing the best combinations of shapes to design a customized packaging design.

This software is commonly used across the world to create the best 3D software structural packaging designs. There are different cracks available on the internet, allowing downloading and installing the software free of cost. This feature makes it more attractive for the majority of designers.

3. Esko's 3D

Esko software company designed this software in 2006, and now it is used by thousands of designers across the world. The company gave its name “Esko Studio 16”. This studio offers various tools to design perfect artwork by using different shapes, lines, and colors.

The unique feature of this studio, which makes it everyone’s favorite, is its speed. It does the job quickly and saves 50 percent of the time.

Emerge of e-commerce has given a boost to the freelance industry and especially the freelance packaging designers. Freelancer prefers to use this application over others because it saves more time and gives fine results.

Esko has also introduced Esko Adobe Illustrator, making the packaging designing process easier for the designers and the prepress operators. Through this option, they can make an advanced design by using the illustrator option.

4. Impact 3D:

This software application is designed by Arden software company. It allows the designers to create 3D packaging designs through a print-ready packaging layout option.

It also includes 3D box designs, which are often used for corrugated box designs. Different die-makers use this software application because this application gives them a variety of options for die-making.

5. iC3D:

iC3D software is unique and provides a complete package that helps to generate live 3D visuals. It can be used for any packaging material. It is very user-friendly. No special skills are required to use this software.

It is used to design the packaging wraps of different products, which need more prominent 3D illustrations to be printed. It can give a photorealistic shape to any illustrator or pdf file.

6. Kasemake Design Software

It is an award-winning CAD packaging design solution that uses the standard windows environment. Its user-friendly nature makes it easy for everyone to learn, from a beginner to an accomplished designer.

It provides an option for 2D/3D designing tools. It is also designed according to the requirement of FEFCO and ECMA. It includes a wide variety of 2D/3D shapes, which you can use in the design packaging of your product. This software is also used for animation purposes.

Different small and big packaging production companies use this software to design unique and appealing packaging designs for their clients.

Freelancers also use this software because it’s a complete 2D/3D design package and includes animation features. This complete package gives you the option to use one software rather than using a bunch of software.

This software's database management system is also very effective, which provides an ease to the designers by managing the workflow and organizing the records.

The user interface of the software is also very appealing. Toolbars can be customized according to an individual’s choice, and different shortcut keys make it handier for anyone using the software.

7. EngView Packaging Designer Suite

Like many other packaging designing software, it provides different tools for designing die-cuts for folding packaging and corrugated boards, including a wide range of coated box designs.

This software enables the designers to apply different graphics of Adobe Illustrator and others. It has the option of a multi-dimensional view. It provides a three-dimensional preview of the design, which helps to understand the packaging design easily and provides a realistic packaging idea on screen.

This software provides different packages for beginners to the expert. The prices of the boxes also vary according to the package of the software. The beginner package is suitable for newcomers to the designing field. After getting a strong grip over the software, they can shift to the pro version.

8. Packmage:

It's a structural modeling tool that is the development of 3D models and nesting. It is designed to manage various forms of corrugated cardboard. It requires customized materials to be added.

It includes a standard template library that is ready for use and editable. You can also import AutoCAD templates, and the 3D functionality helps you add the graphics to a 3D model.

9. Auto CAD:

It is a widely known software for 3D designs. It is used for multi-purposes like designing the packaging, crafting product designs, and construction designs. It has an easy user interface, and people can easily use it by reading a little about it. It is one of the best 3D rendering software for packaging.

There are different cracks available online, which can be used to free download and install this software, so you do not need to pay any penny to avail of this software.

10. CorelDraw

This software is used for packaging designs. It provides an easy user interface, but one disadvantage of using this software is limited options. It comes with limited options and does not offer extra features like illustrator and other competitive software.

Despite this disadvantage, it is used by many designers to design the packaging of different products. It can also be availed free of cost by using different websites to download the free version.


What is the best software for cardboard and corrugated packaging?

We recommend using Artios Cad as it is excellent for cardboard and corrugated packaging that has an extensive range of library of standard ECMA and FEFCO die-cuts.

How does a 3D design help improve the package design?

3D printing can offer a faster and cheaper solution for bringing products to market. Designers of 3D print can create several molds so that prototypes will be manufactured quickly.

What is 3D packaging?

3D packaging refers to three-dimensional integration schemes that rely on traditional methods of interconnect. It is used to create vertical stacks that can then be integrated into other devices like smartphones or tablets.