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An Insight on Stocks and Customizations for Cosmetic Boxes

Author: Elizabeth Max

We can witness magnanimous growth and evolution in beauty industry over the past few decades. With net worth of over $500 billion dollars, it is of the thriving and promising industries. However, for cosmetic manufacturing retailers and sellers, it is getting challenging to acquire customers, retaining them is even trickier. Shoppers have so many makeup and skincare items to choose from. They don’t have to go to a cosmetic store as placing order for their favored makeup essentials takes just a few finger taps now. For local and online makeup stores, it has become quite struggling to earn a distinguished brand recognition and identity.
If your competitors are selling the same kinds of cosmetics, how can you persuade the potential buyers to check out your eye, lip and other makeup items? Differentiating cosmetic packaging can definitely turn out to be your competitive advantage but you need to make it enthralling. Customers can perceive your cosmetics like full volume mascara, matte lipsticks and highlighters from their boxes. If you want to give them a hint that your brand and offerings are better than the rest, packaging can be utilized for accomplishing this goal. You can use the boxes for nail colors, eye-liners and eye-shadows for making these items worth checking out for the makeup junkies. You can make a statement with striking signature packaging.
Boxes for makeup and skincare items designed with entrancing details are likely to grab attention of the customers. They would like to know more about body butter that has riveting packaging. Compelling customized boxes can make you a likable brand. Packaging will also assist you with highlighting the benefits and features of makeup and skincare items. You can thus cerate brand and product awareness through interactive boxes. Packaging that guides and assists the buyers will help them making a quick and informed buying decision. They will not feel confused or reluctant as all their desired details will be available on the boxes for cosmetics.
It doesn’t matter if you have just started off your cosmetic business or are a top notch brand; packaging stays the decisive factor for shoppers to notice and like your merchandise. Investing in your personalized boxes will go a long way in making the cosmetic items widely commendable. You need to be acquainted with the latest packaging and branding trends so that you incorporate them in your makeup and skincare boxes. Do have a look at the kind of packaging other cosmetic brands are offering to come up with an original idea. Shoppers give priority to businesses that woo them with something new and refreshing. If you have adopted this approach for developing cosmetics, do consider it for designing product boxes as well.
For those of you who are new to printing, getting an overview about the kinds of materials that are used in manufacturing the boxes along with finishing options will help you making the right selection. Here is the information that is likely to help!

Kraft is an environment friendly, light weight stock that is grown on the trees. As compared to other printing materials, it is chemical free and biodegradable. The stock is flexible and can be die-cut to a shape you like. Two color printing is the technique used for kraft paper. If you are promoting organic or cruelty free makeup items, getting your packaging printed with this material is a likable option. You need to check the thickness and durability of this stock and do discuss your products’ specifications with the printer prior to making a choice. This recyclable material has a brown earthly color; there are many customizations that can add glam to it. You need to evaluate all the pros and cons before selecting the material. If you are a cosmetic business that believes in conserving environment, kraft packaging is ideal for you.
Boxes for Retail with Interactive Pictorial Details

Cardboard for Printing Packaging for Cosmetics:

Cardboard for Printing Packaging for Cosmetics

Cardstock is a resilient material that is favored for its durability and appeal. Full color printing for this material will add finesse to your boxes for cosmetics. Packaging printed with this stock is likely to keep your eye-shadow pallets, bronzer drops, loose powders and other makeup items safe from heat, moisture and shock. You should ask the printing solutions provider to brief you on the categories of cardboard. This material can be customized in any shape, size and color. If you want to add an exquisite touch to your merchandise boxes, cardboard should be your preference.

Corrugated Shipping Boxes for Makeup Items:

Corrugated Shipping Boxes for Makeup Items

Corrugated material is lauded for its robustness; this stock is popularly used for printing shipping boxes. If you have an e-cosmetic store, you would require packaging to send over the ordered makeup and skincare items to shoppers far and wide. This material can be safely chosen for getting personalized delivery cosmetic boxes printed. These are likely to keep the bottles, containers and pallets of cosmetics safe from tampering factors.

Bux Board Packaging:

Bux Board Packaging

This is relatively a less expensive stock. You can get the storage packaging printed with this material. This will keep your merchandise safe from getting affected by moisture, dust and shock. The boxes can also be used for sorting and categorizing makeup and skincare items. Having bigger storage bux board boxes will assist you with supplying the cosmetics to resellers.

You should be meticulous with evaluating the specifications of available material options. Do get a word of advice from the printer so that you don’t make a hasty or wrong decision. Do keep in view your products’ formulation and fragility before selecting the stock.

Window Boxes for Enhancing the Appeal of Products:

Window Boxes for Enhancing the Appeal of Products

Beauty products are often packaged in boxes with windows to let customers have a quick overview and decide which makeup or skincare item they should buy. Whether you want to showcase smoky eye-makeup kit, manicure sets or body care bundled up items, window packaging will make the cosmetics enticing for the shoppers. They will also not have to ask the counter staff to take out the items. There are many ways to add an artsy touch to the window boxes for cosmetics. You can use glittery backdrop, funky die-cut product name and other ideas for making the packaging gripping.

Explore Exciting Die-Cut Shapes:

Explore Exciting Die-Cut Shapes

A catchy die-cut shape for your makeup box will make it attractive for the buyers. There are some commonly used shapes for different cosmetic items that you can consider. Having custom die-cut cosmetic packaging will make it winsome. If you have a box layout in mind, discuss the probability of getting it personalized from the printer. Make sure that whichever shape you choose for the boxes doesn’t make product consumption hard for the customers. Packaging for lip colors, foundations and other cosmetics should facilitate the users with taking out, carrying and storing back these items. So the element of style and utility should be there in your boxes for merchandise.

Sought After Finishing Options:

Sought After Finishing Options

When it comes to making a choice for finishing options, you need to choose a combination that works best for your product promotion and branding. Embossing, debossing, glossy/matte lamination and foil stamping are some of the widely used customizations. You can have the name of your cosmetic item embossed on the packaging for making it worth recalling. You can do the same for your business name as well. Glossy lamination is liked for its finesse. If you want to make the boxes aesthetically pleasing, you can choose this finishing option. Foil stamping is yet another popular customization that you can make use of. Don’t use too many of the finishing options. You should ask for suggestions from the printing solutions provider, have a look at sample packaging boxes for better analysis.

Themed Packaging Boxes:

Themed Packaging Boxes

Themed packaging for your makeup and skincare items is likely to pique the interest of potential customers. Using themes likes humorous beauty quotes, memes and stories will make the boxes for cosmetic items engaging. A buyer looking for a lip gloss will be intrigued into trying out an item packaged in a delightful box. Do research on your target audience’s psychographics to get familiar with their buying behavior and liking, you can then design the packaging accordingly. Fashion, retro and movie themes are usually preferred for cosmetic boxes.You should select a packaging idea that complements your product range. A shopper should be able to relate with the cosmetic item and its box’s layout.

Taking the Pick for Packaging Style:

Taking the Pick for Packaging Style

Box style for mascaras, pen eye-liners, eye-brow kits and other cosmetics should be chosen after considering product sustainability and user convenience. Straight tuck and flap boxes are favored for makeup and skincare items, since they make the handling and storage of cosmetics simpler. Luxury makeup kits can be displayed using sleeve packaging. Pyramid shaped boxes can also be utilized for flaunting different kinds of eye cosmetics. Decorative packaging for gift products will help you with selling more and better on festivities and special days like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.

Printing Protective Inserts for Boxes:

Printing Protective Inserts for Boxes

There are many makeup and skincare items that need to be handled with caution. Fragrance sets and cosmetics that have glass bottles should have protective inserts within the packaging. You need to get these inserts printed with quality stocks. Do have a word with the printer about getting the boxes customized in a way that they keep the makeup items safe from getting crumbled, dried up or runny because of extreme weather conditions and shock.

Packaging that Describes Product Details:

Packaging that Describes Product Details

Customers need quick answers to their questions. A cosmetic item that has a bland box will not get their attention. So when designing the packaging, you need to make sure that all the basic and additional information is there on the boxes. Whichever packaging shape and style you choose, strike a balance between pictorial and text details to elucidate usage and other information about the product that is essential for the consumers. Stampa Prints has the expertise to deliver detailed custom packaging solutions to cosmetic and other retailers. The overall artwork should make the cosmetic item worth purchasing. Smart boxes for cosmetics will not only help with boosting sales but they are likely to earn you credibility and affinity for your brand as well.

Contemporary Cosmetic Boxes:

Contemporary Cosmetic Boxes

Having you packaging customized according to latest trends and printing techniques is vital for securing a strong customer base. You should be familiar with the recent updates in printing and packaging industry. Rely on a printing company that keeps a pace with the newest developments and offers you up to date makeup and skincare packaging ideas. This will also assist you with endorsing product innovation. Revamp the boxes for cosmetics at regular intervals to give shoppers the hint that you believe in being consistent with change.

3D Packaging for the Ultimate Impact:

3D Packaging for the Ultimate Impact

Boxes for cosmetics printed with 3D effect will leave the onlookers mesmerized. They will be intrigued into knowing about your makeup and skincare range. If you want the 3D packaging layout, make sure that the printing services provider you sign up with has the expertise and technological tools to deliver you high definition boxes.

Packaging for skin hydrating serums, anti-aging creams, eye makeup items, lipsticks and other cosmetics can sway the buyers into liking and buying the products. You should put in creativity and hard work in designing boxes for merchandise that make your cosmetics must have items. Communicative packaging that has interactive imagery and text will make the customers prefer you over other brands. Makeup boxes should have invigorating color schemes; using bright hues will make the packaging noticeable even from the distance. If you want to turn packaging into memento of your business, make it hard to forget. Tell a story through your boxes for makeup and skincare items using graphics and minimal words, this will make the makeup junkies curious and keen to shop from you. Packaging should be result-oriented if you want to make the most of it for marketing and other endeavors.

Do tell us if we have missed something in this blog post. Your comments and suggestions matter to us!