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Retail Box Packaging-What you need to Know?

Author: Elizabeth Max

Commonly Asked Questions about Custom Printed Retail Boxes:

Questions about Custom Printed Retail Boxes

For retailers, beating the challenges and retaining the interest and loyalty of customers is not downright easy. Shoppers have digital media to know which of the brands have their desired products. They like to invest in businesses that adopt unique and proactive approach for serving to their needs and requirements. If you are unable to provide them items that match their inclinations and liking, they would very conveniently switch to another brand without giving you a chance. So how can you keep the shoppers stick to your retail business for long?

Personalized products and services are the key to make the customers fall in love with your brand. There are elements that are interlinked to these two vitals; retail packaging is the most important of all. Unless you present the merchandise in thoughtfully designed and finely printed boxes, there are no chances of it to get noticed. Boxes for retail ought to be striking enough to make the customers want to pick up your products and ask the sales staff to tell more about them. Enthralling packaging would work for increasing sales and securing you a strong market positioning. You need to have it customized with the factors that count for making it worthwhile.

Retailers that undermine the importance of personalized boxes fail to make an impression on the target audience. If you have made the mistake of not realizing the potential of packaging, it is time to know that it is a tool that can be utilized for connecting with existing and new shoppers and building creditable affinity for your product range. Merchandise boxes would help you with reaching out to consumers far and wide. You can make the most of packaging for pitching your newbie collections. The boxes would earn you a laudable image and standing you have yearned for.

Packaging for retail has evolved and improved over time. Now the boxes for merchandise are smart and informative. They assist the customers with making informed purchases and expedite consumption of perishable and other items. Packaging facilitates the potential buyers; it is being astutely used for addressing their concerns and making the buying process delightful for them. Every retail brand ,be it the cosmetic one, apparel, mobile phone accessory store or any other, product boxes can be utilized to your advantage for marketing the offerings.

Packaging that has your logo and other branding details would enable the target audience to recall your business’ name and logo and choose you time and again for shopping more. You can have the boxes for retail printed with unique selling points of your business to enlighten the customers about your brand and products’ distinguishing features. Such details would convince the customers to prefer you over other retailers.

In today’s blog post, we will be answering the most frequently asked questions about boxes for retail. The information is being shared with the view to make the process of design and customizing packaging easier for the retailers.

What do I need to know about Designing Custom Retail Boxes?

Designing Custom Retail Boxes

Since most packaging companies use offset printing technique, design format should be adjusted accordingly. Logo and other graphical content needs to be in vector format.

A lot of people think that by just converting the image in eps or ai (Adobe illustrator) format will make it vector which is not the case, if you don’t have the design in vector format, graphics team of your packaging company can help with that.

Do know the Difference between CMYK and PMS!

CMYK is a 4 color printing process which is part of Offset printing and PMS (pantone management system) is also a part of Offset printing, these are two different color processes which help you achieve different results.

For instance, if you have a full color image that you want to print, it will be printed in CMYK format whereas if you want to print solid colors, it’s better to use PMS colors, packaging companies use solid coated guide for PMS and you can get a color code from there and give it to the design team, it will save you time and during production chances of colors being mismatched can be minimized.

Which Printing Material is the best for Packaging Retail Items?

Packaging for Retail Items

Once you get the design finalized, the next step will be deciding the printing material and finishing options. Here you need to check out the industry trends once again. If you are new to printing, ask your vendor to guide you properly on stock and customizations. If not, you can check out what’s popular for the retail products.

Kraft, cardboard and paper stock are the materials that are usually preferred for retail packaging. If you like to have eco-friendly and easy to recycle packaging, choose kraft.

Cardstock is liked for its finesse and flexibility. Full color printing using this stock would add glam to your boxes for merchandise. The material can be die-cut to any fancy shape like pyramid, hexagonal and gable.

Kraft is a biodegradable material; you can use it for organic, chemical free and items with natural ingredients. Boxes made of this stock are easy to recycle, light weight and simple to get rid of.

Bux board is another stock option you have, you can ask the printer to send a stock book or sample boxes so that you choose a material after thorough evaluation.

What Customizations are available for Retail Boxes?

Retail Boxes Customizations

You can have the logo and other details on packaging embossed or debossed depending on your liking. The boxes can be finished using matte/gloss lamination or foil stamping. You can have a look at the other custom options that are trending these days. Tell the printer about the kind of finishing choices you want. Customization combos should help you with making your branding details and products’ names prominent.

What kind of Packaging Styles I can use?

Packaging Styles you can use

Box style should be selected according to your industry trends. For instance, if you are selling soaps, have a look at the kind of packaging layouts that are being preferred by brands that manufacture beauty, medicated and other soap bars. Flap, tuck end, straight tuck, window, hang tab and gable are some of the options you can check out. If there is some die-cut box style that you want to get custom made, share the idea with the printer to see if it can be printed as per your expectations. Make sure not to compromise on the utility of packaging. It shouldn’t be a hassle to handle, open or store.

What kind of Boxes I need to Pitch and Promote Cosmetics?

Cosmetics box packaging

For cosmetic retailers, packaging that is eye catchy, detailed and purposeful at the same time would work for making the makeup and skincare items worth liking for the potential customers. Have the boxes designed with invigorating imagery, bright color scheme and text details that give shoppers a reason to know the formulation and benefits of eye liners, skin illuminating serums, foundations, lip colors and other products you are showcasing. Packaging should have info on applying the cosmetics and storing them properly.

Share an Insight on Tray and Sleeve Boxes for Retail.

Tray and Sleeve Boxes for Retail

Tray and sleeve boxes are liked for their convenience to carry and support an array of products. These are widely utilized for packaging and pitching different kinds of retail items. Ranging from eatables to cosmetics and all other sorts of merchandise, tray and sleeve boxes are reliably used for product handling and promotion. The boxes support all kinds of items packaged inside them and keep them safe from getting crumbled or affected by heat, moisture, shock and bacteria. The boxes are easy to store and pile up on the shelves, this is the reason retailers prefer them for product storage and shipping. Biscuit manufacturers, bakery businesses, cosmetic retailers and many other brands use tray and sleeve boxes. Here are the kinds of goods that are handed over to customers in these boxes.

Eatable items that are fragile and prone to getting affected by extreme weather conditions and shock are packaged using these boxes. For instance, biscuits, chocolates, macarons and other baked goods are presented to the customers in tray and sleeve boxes. These not only enhance the shelf life of such items but effectively assist a business with branding its product range.

Accessories like cufflinks, brooches, hair pins/clips and a lot of other items are wrapped up using sleeve boxes. The biggest advantage of these boxes is that they retain the luster of the metal of such products and makes it easy for the customers to stock up their items. Stampa Prints is the packaging solutions provider you can trust for printing unrivalled retail boxes in your desired style, stock and finishing preferences.

Most of the makeup items require special caution from heat and moisture. Various kinds of lip colors, lip balms, face products and nail colors are boxed up using tray and sleeve packaging to add an aesthetic appeal to them and prevent them from breakage and getting runny.

Explain the Utility of Hang Tab Boxes for Retail.

Hang Tab Boxes for Retail

Hang tab boxes are preferred by retailers and manufacturers because they are very effective in promoting a product and getting it noticed from a distance. While getting your hang tab retail box packaging printed, make sure that all the essential details about your merchandise have been printed at an easy to notice spot. The boxes are more like display and advertising ones, which gives you the leverage to use crisp details about the product. Have your logo, tagline and other brand details vividly printed on the boxes so that customers remember your business and come back for more. Being creative with the artwork of your hang tab boxes are likely to make them worth liking with the target audience. For instance, if you are packaging some skincare item, use vibrant images and fonts to stir the interest of onlookers.

Hang tab boxes are retail or product boxes that are utilized for showcasing all kinds of items. Be it a cosmetic product, dry batteries, gadgets, accessories or packaged food, hang tab boxes are the best option for safe storage and selling merchandise. A new product can be smartly pitched using these boxes. Front counters and point of displays are the spots where you can upsell products, using these boxes at such places are likely to bring fruitful results. The hanging hole on these boxes makes them convenient to take off the hooks and see what the product is about. Retailers should have all the striking product information printed at the front or back to assist customers in making a buying decision. Hang tab boxes can be expediently used at stalls on business trade shows and events. These give an appeal of professional packaging and can be customized according to your needs and liking.

Can I have the boxes Die-Cut for Retail Merchandise?

Die-Cut boxes for Retail Merchandise

Die-cut boxes are one of the popular of packaging and display boxes that are utilized by all kinds of retailers for branding various kinds of items. Be it a scented candle, an electronic product, a cake or clothing accessory, die cut boxes are used for exhibiting and selling products to the customers. Die-cut boxes can be printed with numerous stock choices and can be finished with many specifications.

For special occasions, these boxes can be personalized with a distinctive style, greeting message and color scheme. For instance, bakers on Mother’s day, Christmas and New Year’s Eve can have custom printed retail boxes with unique color themes, messages pertinent to an occasion and even the shape/style matching the festivity. Die-cut packaging is liked for its flexibility and variation of design options. These boxes can be truly termed as customized packaging for their cuts and finishing choices.

Gable is yet another popular packaging style for retail. The boxes can be printed with various stock and customization choices based on the kind of products stored in them. Retailers usually have their brand logo, product usage and contact information printed on these boxes.

We will be discussing more about packaging for retail in our next articles. If you want to contribute towards making this post more detailed and informational, feel free to share your ideas in the comments section. We value your opinion!