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Impact of Packaging on Marketing and How Packaging Can Help to Increase Sales?

Author: Elizabeth Max

Today, hundreds and thousands of goods are being developed all over the world. Although it has become a little harder for businesses to get the customer's attention because a consumer has multiple options. The growth in the number of companies has limited the number of buyers for each company. In this era of rivalry, you need something extra to separate your commodity.

Packaging of a product will make a significant impact to improve sales. The packaging of the goods should be decent enough to persuade the buyer to pay for the product.

The packaging is perceived to be an essential aspect of marketing and advertisements. Unique packaging designs helpfully bring more people's interest, give them awareness of the product and persuade them to purchase it.

Impact of Packaging on Marketing:

Different studies have proven that packaging is the key factor in increasing sales. The world's biggest E-Commerce website Amazon's marketing team, suggests that quality packaging is the key gain a five-star rating. People judge a product through its packaging. Good packaging gives the customer a special feeling. It puts an impression on customers' cognition, and a good impression is essential in the marketing process.

How Packaging Can Help to Increase Sales:

The packaging is an art of making a simpler product, a special one. The different elements should be considered while making a packaging design for your product, so your product can bring maximum customers to you. Let's find out how packaging will help to increase sales.

i) Creating Brand Awareness:

A good packaging design will help to know the audience about the brand or company. Special techniques are used for this purpose, like mentioning the company's name, age and different products. Achievements of the company are also written on packaging like different certifications from international organizations or institutions. It helps to create the company's credibility. People will start to trust your brand, use it, and recommend others to use your product.

ii) By Providing Information About the Product:

A piece of brief information about the product also helps to boost sales. The product's salient features are mentioned in the packaging, so people tend to buy the product after reading the benefits. A simple and straightforward packaging will do not do any good to the company, and people will buy alternative products that will engage them through their content on packaging.

iii) By Grabbing the Attention of Masses:

An eye-catchy design of the packaging helps to attract the audience.

  • Food companies use tempting and mouth-watering food pictures on their product packaging to arouse hunger and persuade customers to buy those products.
  • Children's product packaging comes with a little twist, and they use the pictures of super-heroes and cartoon characters, so the children can relate themselves with the product and make a demand for your product.
  • Gift boxes and chocolate boxes are designed in special shapes people can express their emotions and love by giving those gifts.
  • Mystery boxes are a new kind used to trigger the audience's curiosity and target their buying decisions.

iv) By Addressing Peoples' needs and Fears:

All the marketing and advertising campaigns are designed over these two factors:

a) The need of the people

b) Fear of the people

a) Need of the People:

Products are designs to fulfill public needs. All the innovations are based on the same concept. From a marketing perspective, your product packaging should meet the public needs, which raises the question that what they need?

  • They need bio-durable or recyclable material for packaging, which is good enough to support the product and protect it from damage.
  • Sometimes, a customer needs the user manual with the product to better understand the product, know about its operation procedure, and get a better understanding of the pros and cons of the product.

You need to identify your audience and specify their need. If you do so, it will make things easy for you.

b) Fear of the People:

The second biggest element of marketing is knowing about the fears of people. It will help to boost sales.

  • In the packaging industry, the fear is of the quality. Herbal and cosmetics products are delivered in special CBD packaging or Bio-Plastic packaging so all the goods of the products can be transferred to the end-user.
  • For glass products like crockery and decor pieces, people hesitate to buy things online because they fear damaged products during delivery. Corrugated boxes can address that fear.

Identify the people's fear about your product packaging and then fix this fear by ensuring the quality that will increase your products' credibility in the market and gain more customers.

v) By Emotionally Connecting with Audience:

Triggering the emotion of the customer is also a common practice to boost sales. In packaging designs, different emotional appeals like patriotic or cultural appeals are used to emotionally connect the customers. Highlighting cultural aspects of some area, group or community is also a common practice in the market.

How to Select Best Packaging Design to Boost Sales?

i) Identify Your Product:

To select the best design for your product, firstly, you need to understand your product. This determines the packaging material, nature of the product, and the budget for the packaging. Once you have identified your product, identity its USP (things that make it different from others).

Use your product USP in your product description, and don't forget to mention it on your packaging.

ii) Understand Your Audience:

Understanding the audience means knowing about the geographics, psychographics, and their demographics.

a) Geographic:

The customer's geographic location helps to understand the location, culture, and environment of the area, which are essential for packaging a product.

b) Psychographics:

It tells about the psyche of people that What is need? What do they demand? And what are their fears about a certain kind of product? by answering these questions, it will be easy for your product to establish its name in the market.

c) Demographics:

Demographics indicate the targeted audience's religion, age, sex, and income, which helps to select the targeted audience.

iii) Use Different Appeals:

Different appeals can be useful in designing packaging that can boost your product sales. Different companies highlight patriotic or emotional messages to connect the maximum audience with the product.

iv) Choose Eye-Catchy Design:

The design of the packaging should be eye-catchy. The use of bright colors, pictures, or unique shapes to packaging can be a useful trick.

v) Use Some Props:

Smaller things make more significant impressions. A welcoming note, greeting card, or some prop like flower, ribbon, or customized bag can be beneficial to boost your product's sales.


All the above elements indicate that the packaging of a product has a significant impact on marketing. A good packaging design can help to boost sales of a product, which is beneficial for the company to create a favorable image in the minds of the masses. A company or a person should choose a packaging design wisely. It will help to grow the business.