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The Power of Packaging: Secrets to Increasing Sales & Profitability

Author: Elizabeth Max

Product packaging is a great way to get your products noticed on the market. The right design can make or break sales, so it's important not to underestimate its importance!

According to a recent survey, 72% of consumers said that product packaging influences their purchasing decisions, and over 50% say they are more likely to purchase from companies that invest in good quality package designs.

The packaging determines the first impression of your product or service it comes in. If you want to positively impact customers and increase sales, pay attention to how your products are packaged. The way that you package your product may be as important as the actual content itself.

In this blog post, we will cover how packaging increases sales and how it can help boost revenue for any business.

The Significance of Product Packaging

Every company understands the power of packaging. It has various practical roles, such as

  • Products during transportation and up to the moment when your customer opens their package- if it is damaged, they may not be pleased with what you have provided them.
  • One vital function is that packaging can transmit a message about who you are and what type of product or service you offer; therefore, its role in marketing must never be forgotten.
  • Packaging is key to the success of any product. The custom packaging is a unique way to make your product stand out in the market, moreover, custom packaging increases sales positively.
  • It should be easy for consumers to open, and it should have enough information on its surface that your customers can quickly tell what is inside.
  • Packaging also helps identify products—different colors may denote different models or brands within one company.
  • Out of all the colors and shapes in our world, only a few are commonly used for packaging. If you want to give your company that unique touch, consider using one of the exclusive color schemes and exceptional packaging shapes.
  • The printing of packaging also plays a crucial role in fostering the sales in a positive manner.

So many different companies rely on their logo alone when it comes time to package up their product. But there is not just logos out there.

Every brand has its own personality - so why not use this opportunity as an asset? Packaging is more than just adding on your name and address; It's about making sure customers know who they are buying from and what makes them special.

How Packaging Can Increase Your Sales and Boost Profitability?

Branding and packaging are the key factors when it comes to how consumers decide what product they will buy.

More than seven in 10 shoppers say that the way their products are packaged influences their purchasing decisions, which means companies need to consider how well designed or functional containers might be.

Also, the packaging is a key factor for igniting your sales to your desired level and brings in the profitability.

How Do Packaging Impact Consumer Purchases?

When faced with various options at stores or online, one primary decision-maker for many people deciding whether or not they want to pull something off the shelf is branding/packaging alone.

The packaging is a key deciding factor of increasing profitability for your brand. Because it is the first thing that your customers get interacted to and make their decision while only judging your products by their appearance.

The part of the package design that catches your eye is crucial. It has been shown that many shoppers will choose a product with packaging that catches their attention on the store shelf.

It highlights how important it is to use effective packaging in order for customers to be able to make an informed decision about which products they buy without having any prior knowledge as long as you can catch them off guard and put yourself out there.

When consumers pull a product from its place at the grocery or hardware store shelves, they may read over what is written on labels before making up their minds.

Therefore, information displayed prominently onto packages plays an integral role in customer decision-making processes by reinforcing key benefits of purchasing specific brands.

Make Your Packaging Interactive & Affective

packaging designs

Packaging is the first impression people get of your company. It is essential that you provide sufficient information and do so in an easily readable and understandable way.

Your packaging should make a good impression on potential customers, which means it has to be high quality - otherwise, they might not associate your brand or products with much value upon seeing them for the first time.

When you make sure that your packaging is interactive enough, it will be source of heightened sales, and will make your brand recognizeable. The communicative custom packaging also makes your customers feel comfortable while shopping from your brand.

In order to increase your company's brand awareness, packaging can be an effective tool. Packaging not only provides product protection and allows customers the ability to see what they are buying by showing off a logo or other design elements prominently on the package itself; it also helps you make sure that in-store displays do not become cluttered with competing products.

Brands should consider using their packaging as one element of their marketing strategy because when people buy from you again, even if it is online this time around, there is less chance for confusion due to branding being lost in translation.

It is not just the purchase of a product that can be influenced by unboxing videos, but also purchases. One-third of survey respondents said they watched an unboxing video and were convinced to buy the item in question.

This is especially beneficial for companies who offer limited-edition or seasonal packaging because it encourages your existing customers to make another purchase during holidays or typically slow times, which boosts sales and provides revenue when you need it most.


Q: What is the purpose of packaging?

A: The purpose of packaging is to keep your product safe and unharmed. Packaging protects from damage, tampering, and theft. It also helps with marketing purposes and provides a point for consumers to see what they are buying before making their decision.

Q: How is packaging helpful in bringing profitability for your brand?

A: Packaging is a vital part of any product. It can be the deciding factor for consumers when making their purchase the decision, which means it has to have an impactful design that attracts attention and stands out on shelves.

Q: Why is packaging important for selling a product?

Packaging leaves an impact on your customers’ mind. It communicates the purpose of your products and the message of your brand. If you provide enough information of your product on the packaging and make it attractive, then it would definitely be a driving force for your products’ sales.

Q: What are some common mistakes in packaging?

A: Some common mistakes include over-packaged products, not having enough information about the product or company name on their packaging, and forgetting to put a contact phone number on it.