Custom Packaging Tips for Online Brands- Dos and Don’ts

Customers of digital era prefer shopping from online stores. It is easy, saves times and has become quite secure as well. Over the past few years, e-commerce industry has bloomed and there comes cutthroat competition with which every brand is struggling to acquire new customers along with pleasing the existing ones. Product packaging for online brands is of immense importance. First of all, since a business has only virtually communicated with the customers, boxes for products are an opportunity to woo the buyers and leave a lasting impression about the brand. For new online startups, branding through packaging counts, it can make or break a business’ perception. Secondly, the quality of the product gets affected if your packaging is not up to the mark, shipping over long distance can take a toll on the texture of an item especially the fragile ones. So here are the important dos and don’ts of custom packaging for online stores!

Do Make your Packaging Design Stand Out

If you want your shoppers to remember your business details and come back for more, pay attention to the design of your product box. Make sure that you pick an artwork that defines your business and product range. Use a catchy tagline to promote your brand. Design inspiration can be taken from brands that have used the coolest and kickass packaging templates to sell and market their products. Make sure you don’t copy anyone else’ idea or design, be original, even if it’s a simple box design but complements your product explicitly well, go for it. Ask your printer to provide you custom design options after discussing your requirements and preferences. Get few samples printed and see which one looks the best. You can further make changes to the font, images or color scheme.

Don’t go for Cheap Printing Material

When you are looking for wholesale printing solutions, you will come across options that are unbelievably cheap. Many printers would use poor quality stock for packaging boxes. Your products have to get shipped to customers so the material of your custom boxes ought to be enduring. Look out for reasonably priced packaging services, go through the material options and pick one that will support your products and can be customized to desired specifications. Kraft and cardboard are the popular stock selection for custom boxes; you can check the variations and features of both before making a preference. For resilience, cardboard is a better option but kraft is light weight so evaluate your options and think which one should be chosen.

Do Mention Product Details

Whether you are selling leather goods, apparel, accessories, home décor items or any other product, it is essential to give detailed information to customers through packaging. Your buyers are not there at the store to ask you questions, so put yourself in their shoes and think about all the possible queries and concerns they might have. Have instructions, caution tips and all other details printed on your custom packaging so a consumer doesn’t have to call you for a question. You should also tell your shipping vendor to write essential cautions like “if the seal is open, don’t accept the parcel”. This would ensure safe delivery of your products to the customers.

Don’t go Overboard with Marketing

Your packaging is definitely the most effective tool that you can utilize to market your other products. However, make sure that you don’t go overboard with your marketing efforts and end up annoying a customer. A catalog can be sent within your packaging box to tell the buyers about your upcoming collection. Don’t use additional marketing materials with your custom box packaging. Focus more on creating a delightful service experience through your product packaging and service. If you have promised delivery within 3-5 working days, make certain that the product is delivered according to the mentioned timeline. Make a post sale phone call to check if a customer has received the order and is contented with your service.

Use your social media to gather feedback about your online store and take opinion on your product packaging so it can be improved according to the ideas of your potential shoppers. Do look out for latest e-commerce packaging developments to know what’ new and trending!