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How to use Custom Cosmetic Packaging for Earning Brand Evangelists?

Author: Elizabeth Max

Becoming a Noteworthy Brand using Custom Cosmetic Packaging:

Becoming a Noteworthy Brand using Custom Cosmetic Packaging

For beauty industry retailers, it is becoming quite challengingly tricky to make the shoppers stick to their offerings. Cosmetic addicts have hundreds of product choices; they like to invest in makeup and skincare brands that constantly woo them with new and amazing items. Being a cosmetic retailer, you need to put yourself in the shoes of prospective buyers to understand their needs and inclinations in a better way. Create unique affinity for your cosmetics, if you intend to stand out as a brand that is distinct from the others.
So how do you want to go about that? Product packaging is a tool that you can utilize for improving perception of your cosmetic collection. Captivating cosmetic box packaging would intrigue the potential buyers to know more about the displayed makeup items. You can use the boxes for elucidating the differentiating features of your business. Packaging is more than just a storage solution for merchandise; it offers you a promising opportunity to introduce your brand to the shoppers and make them like and purchase the cosmetics. If you have limited budget for marketing and advertising, customized boxes would assist you with promoting your signature makeup and skincare range.
Scintillating packaging would make the onlookers stop by and inquire about the different kinds of eye shadows, mascaras, lipsticks, eye liners and other items you are showcasing. Beguiling boxes for cosmetic retail would pique the interest of consumers in your offerings. You can use packaging for selling more especially during festive season and on special days like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. Enthralling merchandise boxes would support you with securing strong market positioning. You can make the shopping experience pleasing for the makeup junkies through thoughtful packaging. Boxes for cosmetic items would boost your customer outreach as well.
Packaging for cosmetics is usually designed dazzlingly for engaging the target customers. While the design details certainly matter for making the customized boxes for cosmetics hard to ignore, you need to add purposefulness to them in order to get repeat shoppers. If you want to gain popularity as a brand that pays meticulous attention to detail, make sure that your product and packaging have all that consumers yearn for. Turn packaging into memento of your business so that buyers don’t have a hard time recalling your branding essentials and coming back to you.
One should always keep a pace with latest updates to develop cosmetics and design packaging according to what’s new and trending. You need to check out most up to date styles and finishing options for the boxes for lip glosses, foundations and other cosmetics. Convincing packaging would support you with getting desired attention for your cosmetic items. You should get familiar with what kind of printing techniques and stocks are being utilized for printing boxes in your industry. Having a reliable printer by your side will expedite your endeavor for getting winsome packaging personalized, that has the potential to turn casual shoppers into brand evangelists. Don’t believe that’s possible through boxes for retail? If you have been undermining the significance of custom packaging, it is time for you to find out what wonders it can do for your business.
In today’s blog post, we will share some tips that you can make use of for adding value and magic to the boxes for cosmetics!

Turn Heads with Inspiring and Unforgettable Packaging Designs:

In order to become one of the customer favorite cosmetic brands, you need to offer inviting and inspiring box artworks. Use variation of attractive designs for different items. For instance, have black themed pictorial packaging for the eye cosmetics. All the boxes ranging from mascaras to brow kits should have a similar artwork with bold backdrop. You can choose vibrant and lively artwork for lip colors and nail colors. Bronzers and highlighters can have shimmery box layouts. The designs should be gripping, they need to give shoppers the notion that they should try out the cosmetic items. Make use of more pictures as images can tell a story much easily as compared to text. You don’t necessarily have to use the colors of your logo, play with different hues on the artworks to make them invigorating.
Turn Heads with Inspiring and Unforgettable Packaging Designs

The Boxes should Appeal to the Senses of the Shoppers:

The Boxes should Appeal to the Senses of the Shoppers

Just like you want the cosmetic items to appeal to the senses of customers, packaging should have the similar effect. It should make them want to invest in a product. You should therefore, think out of the box ways to make the boxes for cosmetics striking. It can be the style of packaging, the text details, 3D design or the overall layout. You can take a word of advice from the printer on adding glam to the boxes. It is better to use an idea after considering the psychographics of your target audience; this will make the packaging more impactful.

Packaging that makes a Product Desirable:

Packaging that makes a Product Desirable

If you want the customers to develop a liking for the cosmetic items you are selling, let the boxes for merchandise do this for you. Have persuasive details about the natural lash mascara, skin clearing serum and gel nail color printed on their respective packaging. Make sure to use only facts but use them in a convincing manner without turning the boxes into canny and conventional advertisement. You should use catchy words like “2 weeks color stay”, “instant relief from acne” and “water proof mascara” on packaging to make the items worth purchasing for the buyers.

Boxes that Facilitate the Shoppers:

Boxes that Facilitate the Shoppers

Packaging that makes it convenient and simpler for customers to make a product purchase would bring them back to your cosmetic store for shopping more. You need to have all the information like formulation, frequency of usage, instructions to apply an item or pictorial tutorial along with net weight and best before date available on the custom cosmetic boxes. These details would support the consumers to make a quick and informed purchase as they will be able to evaluate the pros and cons of a makeup and skincare item by going through the text on packaging. The info should be provided using fewer words, font style should be comprehensible.

Packaging that makes you a Customer Centric Brand:

Packaging that makes you a Customer Centric Brand

Top cosmetic brands like “L’Oreal”, “MAC” and “NARS” have built rapport with the makeup lovers by providing them with products that make them feel look good and gorgeous. You can promote yourself as a cosmetic manufacturing business that gives priority to its consumers’ inclinations so that they find the products and service experience to be gratifying. If you have an online makeup store, use interactive boxes to connect with digital shoppers and enlightening them about your brand’s core values. You can share an insider on how all your cosmetics have been designed to cater to the needs of consumers with dry, sensitive, combination and other skin types. This would establish credibility for your business.

Boxes that ensure Efficacy of the Cosmetics:

Boxes that ensure Efficacy of the Cosmetics

When selecting the packaging style and printing material, you should consider product safety and efficacy. Discuss with the printer about the kind of texture different makeup and skincare items have and the number of months during which they can be used. The boxes should be resilient and long lasting enough to keep the pen eye liners, pocket mascaras, lip balms and other items safe from getting dried up. You should get an insight on the kind of stocks that are usually utilized for printing cosmetic packaging. Kraft and cardstock are the materials favored by cosmetic retailers, vet thickness and flexibility of these stocks before making a choice.

Packaging that is Simple to Open and Carry:

Packaging that is Simple to Open and Carry

Customers want all their makeup and skincare items organized and nicely stacked up on the dressing table or within the cosmetic pouches. If they would find the box of a lipstick to be occupying more space or meddling with the usage of the cosmetic, it is very likely that they would throw the packaging away. So if you want the consumers to keep the cosmetics stored within the boxes, make them easy to handle for the users. You can have a look at the packaging layout that expedites the consumption and storage of different cosmetic items, if you feel confused ask the printer to provide you suggestions.

Boxes that endorse you a Distinguished Cosmetic Brand:

Boxes that endorse you a Distinguished Cosmetic Brand

Packaging that has compelling details about what makes you a sought after brand will make the shoppers want to invest more in your products. Be it the social cause that you staunchly stand for or a campaign that you are endorsing for instance, embracing the concept that all complexions are beautiful in their own away, highlight it through the boxes for cosmetics. This will make the prospective buyers hooked to your brand and they will want to become the part of greater good that you are propagating. Make sure to use communicative packaging for validating your CSR or vision.

Packaging that keeps the Environment Green and Clean:

Packaging that keeps the Environment Green and Clean

Eco friendly box packaging for cosmetics would help you play your part in keeping the eco-system greener and cleaner. Recyclable packaging is light weight, easy to dispose of and would reduce the land waste. Kraft paper is usually used for printing biodegradable cosmetic boxes but there are other material options available as well. Providing the customers their favorite makeup and skincare items in environment friendly packaging would also strengthen your image as a brand that is concerned about making the planet safer and better. This would give the shoppers another reason to buy from you.

Boxes that Feature your Customers’ Stories:

Boxes that Feature your Customers’ Stories

Instead of using celebs and social media influencers for promoting your cosmetic and skincare range, use real consumers for the endeavor. This would make them develop an emotional inkling for your brand. If for instance, you have tea tree range that is quite popular with reducing acne outbreaks and blemishes, you can have the most regular shoppers featured on packaging along with their touching stories. This would help you with getting wide admiration and social proof is one of the astute ways of marketing as well. You should use real stories on the boxes, don’t use fabricated ones as these would tarnish your brand’s repute.

Cosmetic Packaging Boxes that have your Contact Info:

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Use the packaging for proactively communicating with the customers and collecting feedback from them. The boxes for bronzer serums, lip tints and loose powers should have your website address, social media pages’ details and customer support email ID and phone number. Make it easy for the casual buyers to connect with your team and share their opinion and experience of using different cosmetics. This would let you improve the product formulation and shopping experience as per the expectations of shoppers. They will follow your social media pages for latest updates and pitching them your new makeup and skincare items would become less struggling.

Boxes that make you a Contemporary Cosmetic Brand:

Boxes that make you a Contemporary Cosmetic Brand

Packaging that gives customers a hint that your cosmetic collection has latest formulation would make them prefer your business. You should choose the finishing combos for the boxes scrupulously, evaluate the different options and pick the ones that would assist you with branding and making your products noteworthy. Stampa Prints is accredited with providing cosmetic and other retailers reliable and result-oriented custom packaging solutions. The online printing solutions provider offers free design assistance as well. Embossing, debossing, UV coating and glossy/matte lamination are some of the customizations you can consider.

Descriptive boxes for cosmetics would help you land more regular customers. You should have every bit of detail available on packaging that a consumer would require to know if the makeup or skincare item is worth giving a shot. The boxes should have dazzling die-cut shapes so that shoppers tend to keep them even after a foundation, eye shadow pallet or other cosmetic item has been consumed. Pyramid is one packaging style that can be customized for makeup boxes, you can explore other options.

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