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Best Stationery Packaging Ideas That Can Boost Your Business

Author: Elizabeth Max

Everyone uses stationery in his daily routine, and especially the students and office staffs are the biggest consumers of these products.

The students use stationery products like pencils, erasers, colors, painting boards, brushes, papers, and bags. Business staff uses stationery stuff like business cards, letterheads, file covers, invitation cards, and greeting cards.

All these products need to be very organized. It helps in smoothening the daily operations. Therefore, there are business card boxes, game boxes, and more.

Moreover, these stationery products need protection to enhance their life. For example, oil colors and water paints can be ruined because of moisture or extreme weather.

On the other hand, the business stationery should be welcoming to put a positive impression on others.

Packaging of stationery products is designed specifically to manage these stationary products and protect them from damage and enhance their beauty and effectiveness to gain required results.

Why is Stationery Packaging Important for Business?

Stationery plays a vital role in the business development process. For example, people share their business cards, which are very important for communication.

Moreover, letterheads, invitation cards, and business letters also put a good impression on others.

These stationery items need an attractive look to positively impact the customers, staff, and business partners.

Stationery packaging can be categorized as:

  • Stationery packaging for students
  • Stationary designing for offices

7 Core Stationery Packaging Ideas for Students

i) Rectangular Box Design:

It is a simple rectangular box that is used to store a bunch of pencils and colors. It helps to keep the colored pencils organized that helps to find things easily, and avoids headaches.

These boxes come in different sizes, colors, and designs according to the packaging requirement. It starts with six pencils set and goes up to a hundred pencils set, and the size of the packaging varies accordingly.

Different print designs or colorful labels are used to decorate these packaging. Customize print designs are also used for special orders of organizations and offices. Writing the company's or organization's name on both the pencils and the packaging can be effective, which looks good.

ii) Air-Sealed Containers:

This packaging design helps store the color paints, oil paints, and liquid items that create a mess in case of leakage. It also helps to organize them and avoid the chance of mixing.

Plastic bottles or tubes are also used for this purpose. Other materials like glass bottles with plastic lids are readily available in the markets.

iii) Organized Packaging Fillers:

Every packaging needs some filler, which helps to protect the product. In stationery items, these fillers can help to organize multiple stationery products at once.

It also gives it a welcoming look, which attracts more people. Everyone will have used geometry in his school life. The segmentation in geometry is the prime example of the organized filler.

iv) Easy to Carry Packaging:

Most of the stationery products are difficult to carry, and you need extra bags or envelopes to keep those products, which is irritating for most customers.

The packaging of these stationery products should be designed in a way to carry them easily. Attaching a rubber band with geometry and a handle with the color boxes can give it a more appealing look.

The addition of a customized paper bag with the company logo and name is also very effective.

v) Make Eco- Friendly Packaging:

If the packaging of the stationery products will be reusable, it will help to attract more customers.

These little things make a good impression on the customers. For example, color pencils can be stored in a small bucket, keeping different items on the table after fulfilling the packaging duty.

A little box of stationery product which can be used as coin container can also make the difference. These little gimmicks help to attract more customers and make your product better than the rivals.

vi) Games Addition:

Little games can be added while designing the packaging. A paper box used for packaging can have a game or puzzle, attracting more students and adding them to your pool. It will also help to boost your business.

Different coupons, discount vouchers, or lucky draws help to connect with the masses. Sometimes people just buy the products, to check their luck. This luck factor is considered very helpful for generating business.

Almost every company uses this technique in one way or another. So, this technique can give fruitful results by boosting sales.

vii) Highlight the Heroes:

In a student life, everyone loves superheroes. Children love their superheroes and tend to purchase those products, which connects them which their heroes.

A picture of Superman or Spiderman or any other cartoon character will engage more students with your product, and they will give you more business.

Different companies are using this technique, and school bags and other stationery products with these posters and prints are readily available in the stores.

4 Major Stationery Packaging Ideas for Offices

stationery packaging ideas

i) Show Your Corporate Identity:

You can show your corporate identity on the packaging of stationery products. A company's logo or a glance of letterhead on the stationery box will advertise your corporation. Moreover, it will help to specify the targeted audience.

This design is mainly used for business cards or envelopes for business communication. This communication can be within the organization or outside the organization.

ii) Image Building Through Luxury Design:

Simple Product packaging for the office stationery items helps to build a good image of the company. A unique design that projects luxury can make a good image of your organization in front of others.

Different companies use these luxury-looking stationary packaging to put a favorable image of their company in front of the clients and business partners.

They use good quality files with pleasing aesthetics and customized printed letterheads with watermarks, fancy envelopes, and other material that shows their class to others.

iii) Products Promotion Through Packaging:

This packaging design is used for communication outside the organization because the people within the organization already know the products or services of the company.

This technique helps to advertise your corporation or company. This is used for the invitation cards and the envelopes, which are used for corporate clients.

A good printed file cover can make a good impression on the clients and business partners, adding value to your business.

iv) Customized Stationery Packaging:

This technique can help to develop trust in your employees. The employee's customized name on the stationery packaging will give him pleasure and a feeling of care. This trust unites the organization and overall helps to take a step further towards success.

This can also be useful for managing things in a better way. Stationery products can be authorized to different employees or departments that will have a record of allocation date and the number of products. It will help in smoothing the daily operations within the organization.

Customizing file designs can help organize the record of different projects in an organized way, which will provide ease to both the employer and the employee.

Wrapping Up:

Everything we purchase in our daily routine comes with packaging. Sometimes we buy the product just because of the good packaging. People of every age group use stationery product.

However, the priorities of stationary packaging vary with age group. The young generation likes stationary packaging because of its looks and fashion, while the older people believe in practicality rather than focusing on the looks.

Stationary packaging companies entertain the interest of all age groups by focusing on their needs and demands. For this purpose, they conduct different researches or gather information through direct or indirect sources and check the customer's responses.


Q: What is the best material for stationery packaging?

There are a number of packaging materials, but cardboard and corrugated are the best for your use.

Q: How to enhance the appeal of your custom stationery boxes?

It would be best to opt for distinctive finishing styles like embossing, debossing, raised ink, and more to increase the perceived value of your boxes.

Q: Can we have reusable stationery boxes too?

You can have them made with the Kraft stock option, which is eco-friendly. It is easy to reuse, recycle and discard without hurting the environment.