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How to Use QR Codes on Packaging

How to Use QR Codes on Packaging
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July 5, 2024

QR codes have lately become a significant tool in product marketing and packaging, connecting physical products to the digital world. By using simple but practical codes, the consumer will not only see packaging but also read valid data.

They Participate in various forms of online content, and maintain direct links between the corporate world and users. 

Whether a small business owner or a large corporation, knowing how to use QR codes for packaging effectively benefits you and gives you a competitive edge.

The Benefits of QR Code Packaging

QR Code Packaging

Here are a few significant benefits of incorporating QR codes in custom packaging. One major benefit is improved consumer participation because QR codes can lead users to video clips, guidebooks, or interactive media.

Which can boost how people feel about the particular product they purchase. Similarly, QR codes simplify access to information; instead of littering packaging materials with descriptions, customers.

Simply need to scan and get details such as ingredient lists and directions. Looking at things from a marketing point of view, QR codes help in providing deals, price reductions, and customer loyalty based on how frequently they shop from you.

Moreover, QR codes help in tracking, which is important in the food and pharmaceutical industries, where it is of great importance to establish where the product came from, its route to the market, and whether it is genuine. 

Finally, QR codes help to cut back on how much packaging material is produced, thus promoting sustainable packaging practices.

Best Practices for QR Code Packaging

It is highly recommended that you implement appropriate QR code practices for maximum effect on your packaging. Placing them correctly is very important; allowing them to be seen is beneficial in preventing damage or hiding them while selling on shelves.

QR code dimensions also count. They must not be too small since the scanning could be difficult, mainly when the amount of light is meagre; they should be measured at least 2 x 2 cm.

Put a clear call to action near the QR code, such as “Scan for more info” or “Scan to win,” significantly improving the likelihood of any customer interaction.

To ensure it works well and is directed to the correct destination, before you print out the code, try testing its functionality on different types of devices and scanner software.

Also, the QR code packaging should be incorporated into your package design elegantly to look like part of the whole unit rather than just pasted on it.

QR Code Packaging Companies and Solutions

There are many companies that offer QR code packaging services, from simple code generation to all-inclusive packaging creation and printing.

Noteworthy enterprises offering such services are Scan Trust, which generates reliable QR codes for counterfeit prevention and supply chain tracking systems, and Label Insight.

Which provides thoughtful QR-code-based product description solutions for detailed information about products.

Innovative QR Code Packaging Design and Examples

Innovative QR Code Packaging

QR codes have revolutionized the way we market our products. Here are some of the examples:

  • Interactive Storytelling

For example, a tea brand could use QR codes so that its customers can watch videos about where their tea leaves come from. This way, they will be given amazing tales that will make them feel as if they were part of the story, as if they were right there on plantations.

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

A toy company could utilize QR codes to initiate AR experiences that encourage kids to engage with digital duplicates of their toys.

  • Nutritional Information

A health food brand can use QR codes to provide detailed nutritional information, recipe ideas, and health tips.

  • Customer Reviews

A beauty product can build trust and credibility by linking to customer testimonials and reviews.

QR Code Packaging Trends

QR codes in packaging are changing, and they result from a number of key trends. For example, businesses use QR codes to communicate information about sustainable practices and recycling instructions as customers develop environmental awareness.

Brands are also using QR codes for more personalized content, including custom videos or special deals, depending on individual tastes.

Combining QR codes with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) increasingly creates more engaging and interactive consumer experiences.

Furthermore, QR codes linked to blockchain enables for new levels of transparency where any consumer can follow up who made what, how and where, thus cementing confidence with the consumer.

Materials and Technology for QR Code Packaging

When it comes to incorporating QR codes into packaging, it is important to select the appropriate materials and technology. Below are some factors to consider:

  • Print Quality

The code is of high quality when the QR code is easily read. Ensure that the clarity and contrast of codes in print are maintained.

  • Durability

Outfit the QR code with durable materials that endure use in varied handling conditions without causing damage to it.

  • Environmental Impact

Match sustainability goals with eco-friendly materials and print practices.

Marketing Strategies with QR Code Packaging

QR Code Packaging

When you consider QR codes as a component of your marketing, you can improve brand visibility and customer engagement. When you offer exclusive content or just allow early access to new products to those who scan the QR code, you create a sense of exclusivity and reward loyalty.

Creating links between QR codes packaging and social media strategies prompts clients to share their experiences and interact with your product line online. Consequently, it strengthens online marketing techniques while creating a sense of introduction within such efforts.


Incorporating QR codes into packaging is a big change in the manner in which businesses communicate with their customers. If you want modern packaging’s design to be tackled from different aspects then QR codes are the answer.

This feature efficiently improves traceability, intensifies marketing activities, and makes the consumer experience more interactive.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or ready to start designing, Stampa Prints offers the tools and expertise to bring your vision to life.


Q1. Should I put a QR code on my packaging?

If you use QR codes, you will know the product is real and on its way from the source, be it a farm or any other place you consider a point of origin.

Q2. What is the primary purpose of QR code?

A QR code gives you instant access to information, which is the reason why it’s called Quick Response Code

Q3. How do you scan for a QR code?

On your compatible Android phone or tablet, open the built-in camera app. Point the camera at the QR code. Tap the banner that appears on your Android phone or tablet.

Q4. Can I screenshot a QR code and send it?

You certainly can, but do ensure that the QR code is clear enough for your partner to scan it without any difficulty.

Q5. How to identify a fake QR code?

Imagine irregular surfaces, raised parts, or how it appears strange.