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Gable Boxes

Custom gable boxes are a durable packaging option for gift items, food items, and even luxury product packaging. These boxes have a dedicated handle that makes them super convenient.

Gable Boxes – A Unique Mix of Functionality and Design

Gable Boxes offer the best of all the words since they are highly customizable and also easy to carry around. In addition, the dedicated handle on top of the handle makes them an ideal option for packing gift items. Further, you can choose the color and styling of the gable box as per your requirements.

Custom Gable Boxes
Printed Gable Boxes

At StampaPrints, we have fine custom printed gable boxes available at wholesale rates. Dial now for a quote!

Why Custom Gable Boxes?

There is no better option than custom gable boxes wholesale for unique styling and practicality. They can be customized to a great extent. Moreover, they can be used for various product packaging. No matter the purpose, we have got fully customizable gable boxes for your business needs.

Unique Look And Feel

It’s not just the strength of your packaging boxes; you also want them to look great. That’s an area where a gable box really shines. From the outside, it looks like a mini gift box. Its unique look and feel is one primary reason why custom gable boxes are a hot favorite of every product seller.

Unique Look And Feel
Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

Custom gable boxes are highly customizable. You can opt for printed gable boxes. Further, you also have the option to choose different types of printing and finishing option. Similarly, you can get your gable boxes printed in a specific theme.

Solid Protection

Gable boxes also keep your packed products nice and safe. For maximum strength and durability, you can go with large gable boxes. They are made from cardboard and are ideal for shipping various items. Whereas, for lightweight products, you can go with paper-made gable boxes. They also look great and can be customized heavily.

Solid Protection
Gable Boxes Suit a Wide Range of Business Packaging Needs

Wide Range of Business Packaging Needs

Custom gable boxes are considered an ideal packaging solution for food items. However, they are also good for packing different gift items. Similarly, you can use wholesale gable boxes for jewelry, skin care products, and even party favors.

Custom Printed Gable Boxes

The printing aspects of bulk gable boxes let you get the most out of them. At StampaPrints, we have an in-house printing facility. So, no matter to what extent you want to customize your printed gable boxes, we have got your needs covered. Our in-house printing lets you choose the type of printing, and also the finishing option for your boxes. For example, you can opt for offset printing, CMYK printing, or the more common Digital printing method.

Custom Printed Gable Boxes

Make your packaging convenient and stylish with custom printed gable boxes from Stampa Prints. Order your gable boxes today!

Different Types of Gable Boxes

At StampaPrints, you get a wide variety of personalized gable boxes. Instead of the simple box design, you can choose various box styles and templates. In addition, we have different gable box templates to best match your business packaging requirements.

White Gable Boxes

White gable boxes are a perfect eco-friendly packaging option for various product packaging. Usually, they are made up of Kraft paper. White gable boxes are best suited for lightweight items. Further, they can also be used for gift packaging.

White Gable Boxes
Window Gable Boxes

Window Gable Boxes

Window gable boxes have a dedicated window that lets you see through them. For displaying items, these bulk gable boxes with windows can be used. Further, the presence of a small window makes these boxes stand out from the competition.

Christmas Gable Boxes

These Christmas gable boxes have a defined Christmas theme. Usually, it's red and white, but you can also customize its theme. These boxes are a great option for presenting gifts on Christmas and spreading love and harmony among each other.

Christmas Gable Boxes

StampaPrints ensures that its customers and corporate clients get the best out of their gable box packaging. Chat now to know more!


Material Options for Custom Gable Boxes

Like the printing and finishing aspect, businesses can also choose from a wide range of material options for their gable box packaging.

Kraft Gable Boxes Wholesale

Kraft Gable Boxes Wholesale

Gable kraft boxes are made of Kraft paper material. Being an eco-friendly material option, it is best suited to lightweight products. Further, Kraft gable boxes wholesale can also be customized to a great extent.

Cardboard Gable Boxes

Cardboard Gable Boxes

Gable cardboard boxes are fully customizable and durable enough to accommodate a wide range of products. Cardboard can be easily molded to form different unique styles.So, if you want to go above and beyond with your gable box packaging, cardboard is the material option for you.

Corrugated Gable Boxes

Corrugated Gable Boxes

Gable corrugated boxes are even more durable and stronger than cardboard ones. They are ideal for shipping various items. StampaPrints lets you customize corrugated gable boxes to best match your requirements.

Elevate your packaging with our elegant Gable Boxes. Available in various colors and sizes, these boxes are perfect for gifting and favors.

Why Choose Us?

StampaPrints is your go to place for high-quality custom gable boxes wholesale. Since our inception, we’ve always put our clients first. Our focus has always been to cope up with the latest packaging trends. Further, we also have an in-house printing facility to meet the demands of our clients.

Experienced Team Experienced Team
Sales Supports Professional
Sales Supports
Competitive Prices Competitive Prices
Printing Facility In-House
Printing Facility
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Affordable Prices Affordable Prices
Customizations Unlimited

So, for endless customization and premium finished personalized gable boxes, StampaPrints has got you covered. Chat now for a quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

Gable boxes are a unique type of packaging box made from cardboard sheets. Their unique gable roof-like appearance makes them unique.

Cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and Kraft paper are some common materials used for gable boxes. For instance, Kraft gable boxes are made of Kraft paper material. Similarly, corrugated gable boxes are even more durable and stronger than cardboard ones.

Kraft Paper (brown and white) is mainly used for gable boxes. Being an eco-friendly material option, it is best suited to lightweight products.

Gable boxes are a good option for packing gift items. So, you can use any colorful wrap to wrap a gable box.

Yes, Gable boxes are highly customizable. From their material options to the finishing aspect, you can customize almost every aspect.

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