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A Detail Guide to Design a Packaging for Handmade Items

Author: Elizabeth Max

The rise of E-commerce has given a new life to handmade items. By using E-Commerce, different manufacturers get an opportunity to exhibit their talent in front of the world, and they got orders from across the borders. When these manufacturers are competing in international markets, they need to think about every aspect of marketing. They need to make their product more attractive, minimize the price, and, above all, promote their work. In this regard, the packaging of homemade items can support doing these duties.

Features of a Good Packaging:

i) Protection:

Protection of the product is the prime concern while delivering it to the customer. Packaging needs to be good enough that can help to protect the product. Protection of the product can be ensured by using good quality packaging material. These materials are decided according to the nature of the product.

ii) Preservation:

Preservation means to increase the product life through packaging. It can be done by protecting the product from external factors like moisture, dust, and extreme temperature, etc.

iii) Promotion:

The promotion of a product is as important as the development of the product. If you do not promote your product, the customers will not know about it, and it will be useless without promotion. The packaging of your product helps to promote your product and business. It needs to be pleasant in the presentation. It should scream from the shelves and attract the customers, so they purchase it.

Different elements are important for promotion. It should be eye-catchy, use easy words, and use good quality material to satisfy the customer’s cognition.

For an E-Commerce business, promotion is essential to enhance your business and taking it to the next level. You can highlight your products' key features, portray your product on the packaging, and provide contact details so more people can contact you to place their orders.

Most homemade products are known for their durability and reliability, and your packaging should justify this point.

Elements of Promotion:

If you have a small business of homemade products and you need to promote it by using your packaging, so you need to consider different elements that plays an important role in promotion. Those elements are:

  • Logo of your business
  • Business location
  • The key feature of your product
  • Age of your business
  • Contact details
  • Business website

Use all these elements in your packaging design. It will inform people about your product, and it will bring more customers to your business.

Packaging Designs for Handmade Items:

Different techniques can be used to make the packaging of homemade items more attractive. Here are some ideas that can help you design the best packaging for homemade items.

i) Personalize Design:

Everyone likes to be treated specially. A personalized design gives a more welcoming experience to your customer. This technique does not focus on brand awareness, but it thinks about marketing, an extra-ordinary marketing. This technique focuses on targeting the individuals and giving them a special feeling of love and care by the product manufacturer.

Simply designing the name of the customer on the packaging can be useful to attract the customer. It will attract individual, but that individual will refer your brand or product to many others. Customize pictures of the customer can also be printed on the packaging, or adding some welcoming notes can also be very useful in this regard.

ii) Story Telling:

Every product has a story, and especially handmade products have some history or some legacy, which have come through generations. This story can be an option to attract an audience. A simple sentence that elaborates the story of your product can make a difference. This story can be portrayed in pictorial form. The evolution process of the product can also be elaborated through the use of pictures.

This technique is being used by many handmade product producers. They use to mention their working experience in the tag-lines. Which shows people's trust on them and establishes their credibility in the market.

iii) Simply Fantastic:

Homemade products are known for their quality. These products do not use little gimmicks to add aesthetic value. Most of the homemade products are kept simple, but their quality is not compromised at any cost, which gives them a “wow” factor and makes them fantastic. The same techniques can be used for the packaging by keeping it simple and beautiful.

iv) Use of Cardboard Envelopes:

Almost every product comes with a user manual, and in most cases, user manual comes in the ordinary form. It can be delivered in a cardboard envelope, which gives your product a luxury look, and customers will feel it. With handmade items, a personalized hand note or thanks letter can be added to the product. These little things make bigger impacts. It also helps to increase brand loyalty.

On special events like Chrisms or New Year, it can be more effective than the ordinary routine.

v) Organic Filler Packaging:

Every product needs some fillers in the packaging, which helps to reduces the chance of damage for the products. For the bulk production of goods, customized packaging is used, which is properly designed according to the product.

Homemade items are made in smaller numbers, so packaging should be a bit special. The use of organic fillers can also be the option to do this. Wooden wool can be used as a filler in the packaging. It can protect your product from damage. It is indeed made up of light, recycled, and scrapped paper. Given the fact that many homemade pieces are super delicate, fillers are always a must.

vi) Label Design:

The use of labels makes packaging aesthetically more attractive. A combination of colors in labels also gives a luxury look to the packaging. Wine bottle labels are the prime example of this technique. Design a custom label for your handmade products.

Always try to find out some unique elements which can help to create your brand identity in the market.


Every handmade product comes with history and with some unique elements, which makes it different from others. Handmade products ensure the quality of products and do not focus on cost-cutting or extra-ordinary techniques for packaging.

In most cases, the packaging of the homemade products is kept simple, which goes with the idea of the product. Everyone does not use homemade items. There is a specific group of people who likes these products. The packaging approach should not be general like another packaging.

Try to select the packaging that will fulfill the purpose of packaging and satisfies the customer’s needs. It will help you to enhance your business.