How to Measure Box Dimensions? Useful Guide for Your Business

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April 1, 2024

Measuring the box dimensions is an important step in order to be able to pack and ship something. You can measure these with your hands if you are wrapping a gift, but it is best to have a more accurate measurement for shipping purposes.

There are many ways that you can do this, such as using a ruler or measuring tape, and there are also apps available on smartphones.

What are the dimensions of a box? This is one of the first questions that we should ask when creating a new package. Of course, the answer will vary depending on what you want to put inside your custom boxes or where they are being shipped.

You will learn how to measure box dimensions by using the three-dimensional space within the rectangular shape of the box: length (the longest side), width (the shortest side), and height (measured from bottom to top).

How to Measure Packaging Dimensions?

In the world of packaging, it is all about accuracy. You cannot have unprofessional or poorly-made product packaging if you want to make a good impression on your customer base.

The primary step is grasping how to measure a box precisely. It might come off as elementary mathematics, but it is important to measure your packaging with attention and consideration.


The width of a box is the shortest side, and it measures from left to right. This measurement is usually expressed in terms of inches or centimeters. It is vital because it tells us how much room there might be inside a box.


The length of a box is the longest or extended side, and it measures from front to back. It is also measured in inches or cm.

Note that sometimes we measure length by one end – typically the first or last – rather than measuring full-lengths at both ends on all four sides.

In this case, you would multiply your answer times two for an accurate result; so, if your package was 72″ long but only 18″ wide, then you’d need to calculate 144″.


Depth exists at the side of the length and width perpendicularly. It is also measured in inches or cm, and it refers to how far into a container something goes. If you want to calculate how much room there is inside a box, this is your way to know.

And we can find out what that means for your package dimensions using some simple math: length x height = (width)².

Furthermore, the depth of a box is the biggest dimension because it faces upwards. The width and length are smaller than this in comparison, but they still matter when determining how much stuff can fit inside.

In theory, square boxes must have same sides. But in reality, but it is not completely accurate when it comes to packaging. Make please ensure to measure each side of your packaging carefully and accurately to make sure that it up to the mark with what your products require.

Each box has a different shape and size, so you will need to figure out the best one for your product. However, depending on what kind of box you select, it will still have measurements in the same units, which is mainly needed for production.

What is the Significance of Internal Dimensions?

Internal dimensions are essential because they tell you how much room is available inside a box for your goods.

When designing your box, it is crucial to know the different dimensions of a standard shipping package. The difference between a package’s interior and exterior size can be significant when finding packaging that matches your items flawlessly without any unnecessary excess space or folds to ensure they stay safe during transportation.

A harmonious balance between internal and external dimensions is essential for manufacturers. The internal dimensions of your product are what really matter.

Most manufacturers know that and want to make sure they are the right size, but there is a lot more than just width and length you have to think about when designing something like this.

There are many cases where a mistake in measurements has been detrimental to the product, so it is vital that you get the box measurements for shipping right.The interior of your custom packaging project matters more than the exterior, as it is what you need to put in there.

The internal dimension of a box, while less visible on its surface, has greater significance for any package design venture because this determines how much room each item will have inside.

For instance: if you want different sized boxes within one shipment and do not know whether or not they will fit together when stacked; measuring the external dimensions will not tell you anything about their weight capacity, so that is where you need to know how to measure a box for shipping.

If you are looking to ship a product, the box and packaging material must be customized for your item. In addition, making sure your valuable goods stay protected in shipping is crucial to successfully delivering it.

Your very best customers will be delighted when they open their box to find that the products have arrived safely.

Your business must offer premium-quality goods every time, with nominal space for movement inside the delivery boxes.

What is the Significance of External Dimensions?

The external dimensions of a package are important because they can tell you how big the space inside your box is. If there is not enough room for all the goods, it will be too expensive to ship them and not make any sense.

It is essential to consider the thickness of your packages when you measure it by its external dimensions, as this will affect how much it can fit in. This could be an issue for your product if it needs to fit tightly into the packaging.

Please note that a box’s measurements should be calculated with the internal dimensions for accuracy.

If you are packing fragile items in a corrugated box, there are some things to keep in mind.

When you want to ship items, your best bet is to use a corrugated box. This type of box has an outer lining that is thicker than other materials and offers extra protection for whatever it contains inside.

These boxes are made from two pieces of thick paperboard with twists in between them called “flutes.”

The internal dimensions of boxes are more exact because they can provide the measurements you require to pack your products.

How to Calculate the Volume?

A company’s business processes can be easily streamlined by using volume control.

Moreover, it will tell you how soundly your item fits with the materials and design of its packaging. It plays a critical part in stock and the optimization of its cost along with the structural engineering.

Knowing the dimensions of your box is very important to find a measurement for its volume. To measure, follow these steps:

Depth x Width x Length = Volume (It will be measured in cubic centimeter)

Even if you are not good with mathematics, you can find an online calculator to learn about accurate volume measurements.

It would be best if you a greater comprehension of how to calculate box dimensions immaculately for perfect results.

Now that you know these tips and tricks for measuring correctly, it will be easier to apply them in any packaging scheme, be it to calculate package girth or others.

How to Calculate Girth of Your Package Size?

To measure the circumference of a package, place it on its side and take measurements.

First, round to nearest inch your width measurement from one end to another. Next, do height same thing with height measurement (rounding up for fractions). Multiply both numbers by 2.

Finally add these two numbers together to get your girth.

In Summary

In conclusion, the dimensions of a box are important for many reasons. Knowing how to measure them will help you figure out what size packaging is best for your product or service. There’s more going on in this post than meets the eye, so please give it another look and let me know if I need to clarify anything.

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