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Everything You Need to Know About Custom Subscription Box Packaging

Author: Elizabeth Max

The incredible monthly subscription boxes are trendy these days. These boxes are the primary source for your product to be packed and delivered to your customers safely. The best custom subscription Boxes play an important role in packing all of your subscription products. In these subscription boxes, you can pack your numerous items as gifts with a lot of versatility and decent presentation.

You can also create inside slides to set up your products in the box's different segments to make them look more stunning.

The attributes of these fantastic personalized monthly subscription boxes play an important role in supporting your brand name. These Custom Printed Boxes are designed with art-work, which makes them more attractive. These boxes can be made in any size or shape according to your product requirements. It also allows you to attract more people that have a good impact on your business.

Features of a Custom Subscription Box Packaging:

Like any other packaging, custom subscription box packaging needs to fulfill the three P's of packaging. Which are:

  • Protection
  • Preservation
  • Promotion

But unlike the other packaging, these subscription boxes are designed for regular customers with monthly subscriptions.

Moreover, a variety of products are packed in these subscription boxes. So, these boxes are designed accordingly to accommodate more products by using less space.

The shipping element is also considered to reduce the shipping cost. As these subscription boxes need to be delivered to the customer's doorstep, they need to be light weighted.

Boxes with heavy material will consume more space and material and will increase the shipping cost. These boxes are kept compact and more practical to gain the maximum output.

Different techniques are used to make these boxes attractive and practical, which are discussed further in the article.

Tips to Design a Good Custom Subscription Box Packaging

i) Protect Your Product:

The protection of the product is the primary concern of the seller and the buyer. For this purpose, the packaging is designed accordingly. It makes the task easy for the seller to deliver his products to the customers without any damage. It enhances the trust of the customers in the buyer. It also gives satisfaction to the customer that he/she will receive the product without damage.

In monthly subscriptions, this thing becomes more important to retain the customers. Due to one little mistake, your regular customer can shift over other options. Try to keep the customer by providing good quality packaging to ensure the customer's trust.

ii) Make It Eco-Friendly:

Sustainable development has become a matter of public concern in recent times. Especially when it is related to the packaging of the products. Problems such as plastic waste and pollution are the prime topic of interest for media coverage. It has created public awareness, and now many customers are making their shopping decisions accordingly. About 61% of the customers say that they are willing to turn to buy from more eco-conscious brands. It is an opportunity for the new brands to meet the demand of these customers.

Moreover, it will help to save the environment for both the sellers and the buyers. Eco-friendly material for making custom subscription boxes will help to reduce the pollution, which is linked to the environment.

The use of cardboard, bio-plastic, metals, and paper are suitable materials that can be recycled many times.

iii) Promote Your Business:

The packaging has directly linked with the promotion of the businesses. A customer sees the packaging before the actual product. If the packaging is interesting and attractive, the customer will love to buy it. But here comes the question that how packaging will promote the business?

The answer is very simple, by telling the customers features of the product. Good packaging communicates with the masses, aware of the benefits of the product. By reading those benefits, customers make their buying decision.

It also tells the customer about the seller or the producer of the product. This thing is done by putting the brand name, logo, business address, and contact details.

If you have designed a good composition of these elements in your product packaging, it will make the difference. A combination of colors can also introduce the brand to the customers. Companies use their signature color for packaging so people can easily identify their products while seeing them on the shelves from a distance.

Special calligraphic designs are also used for this purpose. Companies hire special calligraphers. They create special calligraphic designs for the packaging font.

iv) Focus on Presentation:

Good subscription box packaging is not only about keeping eco-friendly; it's about elegance and attractiveness. Custom-made packaging style can be elegant, branded, and nice for the environment. Recyclable cardboard boxes have made it very easy to focus on both the environment and aesthetics of the packaging.

Good looks of the packaging give pleasure to the customers, and they feel getting more than they are paying for. Several products are packed in a custom subscription box, and the box's packaging puts the first impression on the customer.

If the custom subscription box's quality and design will be good, it will put a good impression on the customer. An impression is important to connect with the customer's mind.

The use of illustrations, colors, and combinations of different shapes helps to create a good presentation of your product’s packaging. For custom subscription boxes, you can highlight your different products on the packaging.

v) Budgeting and Printing:

Remember that the packaging design that the designer is creating for your product depends on the packaging budget. Your budget also determines the packaging material and the type of printing process that the designer would use.

Once you have selected the packaging style according to the customer’s budget, you should start thinking about how you'd like the packaging to be crafted. Digital printing can also be an option.

The trend of digital printing is increasing rapidly. It has become the most popular printing form. This is identical to the regular LaserJet printer that you might have used at your home or office. The computer blends the inks and directly adds the vibrant template to the package. It also provides for limited and minimum orders. As it does not have a minimum printing requirement, it is most suitable for smaller businesses.

By reducing the cost of the packaging of a custom subscription box, you will create competition. You can grab more customers by this pricing factor. It will help to grow your business.


The packaging of the subscription box is a vast field with lots of potentials to grow. There are several types of monthly subscription boxes everywhere on the market. These boxes give you a lot of chances to create an innovative subscription package that will inspire people. You should have a decent variety of packaging concepts for the subscription box packaging that can attract buyers.

By following these tips, you will get a good idea for the subscription box design. Choose a design that is more practical and useful. A reusable box is also a better idea. Think critically, observe deeply and think like a customer to select a good design for a subscription box packaging.