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How to make the Most of your E-Store’s Custom Packaging?

Author: Elizabeth Max

According to an estimate, by 2040 95% purchases will be through digital stores. The bloom of e-commerce retail, food and other industries is encouraging businesses to have their online outlets. Shoppers find it convenient to place order for clothing items, home accessories and even grocery products through their smart phones and tablets. For e- retailers, this buying behavior is a promising opportunity to sell more and better, while at the same time it gets struggling and challenging to offer a consistently delightful service experience to consumers.
Complaints about delayed orders, the quality or outlook of an item being different from the displayed images and extra shipping charges aren’t easy to handle. Customers have so many choices, if you fail to provide them a gratifying journey, they will switch to some other e-commerce brand. Custom box packaging is an element that can help you with building credibility with the shoppers. You can use it for making your brand and offerings worth relying for the buyers.
Having a digital apparel, cosmetic, accessory or bakery outlet makes it difficult for you to proactively communicate with the prospective customers and offer them advice and assistance. You have to utilize smart tools like product boxes and social media to reach out to target audience. Personalized packaging will assist you with pitching and promoting your merchandise widely and effectively. Interactive details on the customized boxes will intrigue the recipients to know more about your business. You can make your branding essentials like logo and tagline worth recalling for the shoppers.
If you have just started off your e- bakery or jewelry shop, packaging is an astute way to introduce your business to the target customers. You can use it for sharing an insight about the unique selling points of your brand and products. For instance, if you are using genuine and certified diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other stones in your earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry pieces, use the packaging boxes for highlighting this point. It will help you with boosting your brand’s image and identity. Make sure that you use factual details on the boxes for merchandise, don’t make up fabricated claims as it will leave a potentially bad impression.
When customizing the packaging for your e-retail store, it is important to consider the psychographics of potential buyers. Boxes designed according to their liking will persuade them into reading the facts about your business. You need to check out contemporary boxes’ styles and finishing options for your industry, this will give you an idea about the kind of packaging you should get printed. Having an original box design will make your brand memorable with the customers. You need to involve your creative team and printer in finalizing the artwork for your packaging. Make sure that it is inviting and enthralling, if you want to leave an indelible imprint on the digital buyers.

Use the Boxes for Describing your Products’ Concept:

Packaging that describes the concept of your product range will help you with building distinct inkling for your brand. Use the boxes for retail and other items to elucidate the differentiating points of your merchandise. For instance, if you have an online aromatherapy candle and oils store, you can use the packaging for giving customers the notion that the items you are selling have different formulation than their counterparts. If you have used inspiration from nature or have CBD infused oils and candles, have it printed prominently on the boxes. This will make the shoppers feel inclined into trying out more of your aromatherapy items, you will be able to boost your sales and improve product perception.
Use the Boxes for Describing your Products’ Concept

Packaging can give Consumers the Reasons to Trust you:

Packaging can give Consumers the Reasons to Trust you

You can use the boxes for your e-store to convince customers into liking your brand and buying from you. Communicative packaging that has details like, the skincare or makeup items you are selling don’t have any chemical formulation will sway the buyers into purchasing the cosmetics. You can have insightful info about your business like your mission, the inspiration behind developing the products and your best practices printed on the custom boxes. This will make the consumers more aware of your brand and merchandise; they won’t feel reluctant or confused adding items to their cart.

We have some useful tips that you can utilize for making the most of your e-commerce packaging. Have a look!

Utilize the Boxes for Up-Selling and Cross-Selling:

Utilize the Boxes for Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

If you have an e-cosmetic store and a customer has ordered hand cream trio set from you, use the packaging for promoting your other skincare items like body butters and lotions. Suggest them on the boxes in a tone using words that don’t seem like an advertisement. You should make the shoppers feel that you are advising and facilitating them by providing product options that they might like. This will help you with up-selling and cross-selling without being pushy with your marketing messages. Make sure that there are not more than two suggestions on the packaging.

Packaging would keep the Product Quality Intact:

Packaging would keep the Product Quality Intact

For every online business, one of the prime concerns is delivering the ordered items safely to the customers. Boxes for merchandise ought to be printed with finest stocks to ensure that the texture and efficacy of the packaged products is retained during shipping especially over long distances. Resilient packaging will not only help you with safe delivery but it will also enhance your brand’s standing as buyers would know that they will receive even the fragile of items in one piece.

Merchandise Boxes that make Product Consumption Simpler:

Merchandise Boxes that make Product Consumption Simpler

Packaging that supports the users with taking out an item, using and storing it back safely will be stocked along with the product. Offering consumer friendly boxes will make the shoppers like you brand more. When deciding on the packaging style, you should consider options that expedite the consumption of cosmetic, food or other products. If you feel confused, ask the printer to guide you thoroughly. You can make your e-commerce business laudable for being the provider of easy to handle boxes. It will go a long way in improving customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Packaging that makes a New Item an Instant Hit:

Packaging that makes a New Item an Instant Hit

If you have just launched a new product and want it to become noticeable in minimal time, use the e-commerce boxes for promoting it. You can have a high resolution image of the item along with short and crisp details printed on custom packaging for making it attention grabbing for the potential buyers. If for instance, you want the digital customers to notice your newbie novelty soap, you can market it through riveting boxes for your online soap store. This will intrigue the shoppers to get an overview of the new novelty bar.

Beguiling Boxes for Retail that are Worth Keeping:

Beguiling Boxes for Retail that are Worth Keeping

Packaging that is engrossing will make the buyers keep it even after the consumption of a product. When designing the boxes, you can use a creative and catchy artwork and theme to add an enticing appeal to them. Use colors, images and text that make the packaging worth storing. Boxes for apparel, jewelry, accessories and other items that have an artsy layout will leave a mesmeric effect on the recipients; they would like to keep them for other products and purposes. This will help you getting repeat shoppers. You can use dazzling die-cut shapes and attractive customizations for the packaging to make it winsome.

Packaging that makes you a Customer Oriented Brand:

Packaging that makes you a Customer Oriented Brand

Consumers are quite wary with trusting businesses these days; they like to invest their time and money in brands that are attentive towards their needs and inclinations. You can use the boxes for merchandise to prove to the digital buyers that you are a customer centric business. Use an engaging story or pictorial details on packaging to validate that you care about your consumers and can go an extra mile to make them feel special. You can add a surprise gift, discount coupon or an entry to a contest within the boxes to incentivize shoppers. If you have some happy client stories, share them through packaging for making an impression on the new buyers.

Boxes for Merchandise that Bring your CSR to Light:

Boxes for Merchandise that Bring your CSR to Light

Businesses that are socially accountable end up winning over customers. If you are contributing towards a social, educational or other important cause, use the packaging for telling the potential buyers about it. It will help you getting wide applause and shoppers will feel inclined to become a part of your cause by buying more from you. The details about your social corporate responsibility should be described on the boxes in an informal and interesting way. Use more images and less text to make it widely noticed. Stampa Prints offers dependable and detailed custom packaging services to all kinds of e-commerce businesses. You can share numbers, like for how long you have been associated with a charitable organization or if certain percentage of your sales is dedicated to it.

Smart and Purposeful Packaging:

Smart and Purposeful Packaging

Smart boxes for your e-store will make the customers stick to your business for a longer time period. Packaging that has all the important information about an item like formulation, net weight, daily dose or frequency for everyday usage, best before date and cautions will make it simpler for the consumers to use a product. They will not have to search for their desired details on your website or get in touch with the support team for queries. Make sure that you list down every bit of info on the boxes for merchandise that is vital for effectively using an item. This will make you a trustworthy e-commerce brand.

Perks of Boxes with Window:

Perks of Boxes with Window

Window packaging for your e-commerce business will help the freight staff to ensure safe handling and delivery of the items. Baked products that are susceptible to get crumbled and affected by heat and moisture should be packaged using boxes for window. If you have an online bakery, packaging with window will assist you with retaining the taste and texture of cakes, cupcakes, donuts and other baked delicacies. Cosmetic and other items can also be packaged using these boxes. You need to get finest material used for window custom packaging if you want it to be sturdy and sustainable.

Packaging with a Personalized Touch:

Packaging with a Personalized Touch

You can add a personalized touch to your product boxes by attaching hand written notes or thank you cards to them. This will convey your genial gesture to the recipients. They will feel delighted to shop from you and are likely to make a purchase again. There are many ways to express your gratitude to the online shoppers, use packaging to tell them that you consider them a valuable asset for your business.

If for instance, you have an online cookie shop, you can send an extra cookie with a thoughtful good wishes card with every order. Such small gestures count for building strong and lasting customer relationships.

Use the Boxes for Improving your Social Media Interactions:

Use the Boxes for Improving your Social Media Interactions

Have your active social media profile details printed on the packaging to make it easier for the shoppers to check your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other pages. You will be able to improve following for these social media channels and getting feedback and ideas from existing and new buyers will also become simpler. You can flaunt your new items on Instagram to see what kind of response you receive; it will help you improving product listing.

Signature packaging can work prolifically for your branding and other efforts. You need to know what it takes to add that “wow” factor to it. Boxes for your e-store are a memento of your business that you can utilize for building emotional affinity with the shoppers. Winning packaging is aesthetically pleasing, detailed and compelling. You need to make certain that you don’t miss out on any of these elements to make the boxes gripping. Think of the merchandise boxes as your business card that you are sending over to the customers, so make sure they are impressionable.

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