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Best Subscription Box Packaging Ideas & Design

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April 1, 2024

The fun of opening a surprise box every month is what keeps customers coming back to their favorite subscription service. The latest trend has been sending out themed boxes, with everything from clothes and makeup to food products and many more.

In the past few years, subscription boxes have become a huge trend. With more and more people wanting to receive monthly packages of goodies in their mailboxes, businesses are on the hunt for ways to create custom packaging that will be sure to impress customers.

Our In- depth guide is going to dive into the importance of subscription box packaging ideas and its various designs.

How to Create Your Subscription Box Packaging Design?

Following are some of the unique subscription box design ideas that you can look for the exceptional packaging.

Pick a Box Packaging Style

Choosing the right box style is a fundamental part of designing great packaging. The box does two things: it protects your product during shipment and serves as an advertisement for your brand.

There is no denying that how you package something can have serious implications on its success when it comes to marketing. For example, if they are not well packaged, then customers might be apprehensive about ordering them again.

Boxes come in all sorts of shapes and styles and are often made from corrugated paperboard or cardstock. Some of the different types of subscription boxes are as follow:

Front Tuck-End Boxes

The Rounded Flap Box is perfect for those who want security and presentation value at the same time. With the rounded flaps, tuck neatly into the front of your box is to ensure a secure closure. This style has been popular because it offers both security and aesthetic values in one package.

Ear-Lock Mailer Boxes

It is one of the most popular subscription box packaging styles. This type of package provides everything you need – convenience, affordability, and a clean presentation. It has flaps that tuck into the top so your product will be delivered in pristine condition to customers all over the world.

Econo-Roll End Tuck Boxes

If you want to minimize waste, the Econo REFT box style is an excellent choice. You can save up to 30% when compared with a traditional REFT by using this type of packaging for your next shipment.

Top Tuck-in Boxes

The tapered style of the box is easy to open and close. The top flap tucks into the lid on a slightly rounded corner for an easier opening experience, without any locking feature that would be used in other security boxes.

Pick Out the Right Box Material

The look and feel of your final subscription box design are largely influenced by the material you choose. The most common materials are cardstock boxes (commonly known as cardboard), Kraft paper, corrugated stock, premium white, and standard white.

Cardboard Stock

Cardboard offers a unique visual effect that influences how people see your brand, so it is important to think about what kind of message you want customers to receive when they first open their package from you.

Kraft Stock

The natural look of brown Kraft provides a subtle and earthy look to your subscription box packaging. This adds an attractive layer that can make the difference between being just another company on the shelf or competing for attention among other competitive brands in its industry. However, keep in mind that colors printed on it may appear different from those printed with a whiteboard – they will be darker because this type of paper absorbs more ink.

Corrugated Stock

We live in a time where the need for convenience and uniqueness is very high. Whether it be an app to order your favorite restaurant or a customized subscription box with tissue paper that ties into the theme of their campaign- everyone wants something fresh and new.

Standard white has kept up with this demand by offering many different options when deciding which type of corrugated material, you would like to use for your packaging needs. They pride themselves on being flexible, so if one design does not meet all of our customer’s expectations, there will surely be another option available that does that.

White Paper Stock

Premium White is a great option for those looking to make their packaging stand out on the shelves. You will benefit from increased print quality, color options, and overall durability with this material choice.

Vibrant Printing Possibilities

The great thing about the subscription box industry is its versatility. You can have them imprinted in any way you want. In addition to flexo and lithographic print processes, there are also screen-printing methods that use stencils or screens with ink built upon them.

Digital prints can be done through a toner printer or an offset press, which applies color one side at a time before moving onto another sheet to create full-color images for your boxes. This is why digital printing can be a great option for businesses.

Unlike analog methods, there are no setup costs or minimum order volumes required to get started with digital print. You also have the ability to customize your artwork and create thousands of different variations from one single design file using full CMYK color capabilities.

Design Your Subscription Boxes with Excellency

Designing a subscription box is like designing any other logo. It takes time and patience to make sure that it captures the essence of your brand, but in this case, you need to think about what kind of subscriptions are being advertised,

That is why having somebody with experience working on packaging design will help bring out all their potential. But not every package has the same budget- so when talking about ideas or proposals, be mindful of how much they can do for you without overspending.

Moreover, if you contact a professional packaging company, they will provide you with the sample packaging ideas to help you make an informed decision reagrding the design of your subscription boxes.

Subscription Box Sizes & Dimensions

Sometimes the biggest hurdle for a subscription boxes business is determining what box size to use. There are many factors that go into this decision, including how you are shipping your products and whether or not it will fit inside, and the shipment costs as well.

There is an easy-to-use sizing calculator online just for these types of businesses so that you can get started with custom packaging in no time.

Why is Subscription Box Packaging Important?

With the popularity of subscription boxes, they have become more saturated with competition. However, that is not always good for consumers as 13% get discontinued and 40% cancel their subscriptions in this niche market.

The subscription box industry is a booming business that offers consumers the opportunity to try new products every month. The appeal of these boxes, however, goes beyond convenience – they provide customers with an exciting and unique retail experience.

To succeed in this market requires providing high-quality merchandise at reasonable prices and making sure customers are sufficiently surprised by what is inside each box when it arrives on their doorstep.

Imagine for a second sending out an ugly-looking package with high-quality goodies inside and thinking about all those disappointed faces waiting eagerly at home or work when they see this uninspired brown paper bag instead of their dreamy rewards.

Premium box packaging is a necessity that will help your brand to make the first impression count. The appearance of the subscription boxes matters as much as the products inside. It should be appealing enough to make your customers satisfied with their purchase.

Final Remarks

The creatively designed subscription boxes can make you go a long way and help you gain your customers’ loyalty and trust. In this article, we have covered important aspects of designing the subscription boxes and the significance of their packaging to assist you in having the exclusively made subscription packaging.

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