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Top 9 Things That You Should Check in Retail Packaging

Author: Elizabeth Max

As the number of retail businesses is increasing rapidly, the demand for retail packaging is sky-high. Now, the retail businesses are not bound to be recognized as a physical entity; online retail shops have given a new urge to the retail businesses. It has not only helped them to expand their business, but it has given a variety of choices to the customers. With the boom of E-Commerce, retail businesses have got a chance to present their products to an infinite number of customers. It has also created tough competition. Now the retail market is very saturated, where retailers are constantly improving their services to get more customers, while customers are looking to find the best retailers in this diverse market. Here comes the question that how retailers can get the attention of customers? How can they create their unique brand identity in the market?

It is not an easy task, but the packaging is a very helpful niche to retailers. Through the attractive packaging, retailers can call the customers and persuade their minds to purchase to make their purchase decisions. But attractive doesn't mean to make beautiful packaging; you need to ensure the quality as well. People are very conscious about the quality of retail packaging because they make the comparison between the packaging strategies between competitive brands and then analyze that which retail packaging fulfills their needs. After seeing the pros and cons, they make their purchase decision. This point makes retailers more conscious because they can't fool the customers. As a retailer, if you are a new entrant in the market, so this article is for you. It will help you understand the qualities of good retail packaging and will make you aware of the latest retail packaging trends.

Important Elements of Retail Packaging

1) Quality:

The quality of the retail packaging is important to give it a premium look—quality in terms of material, printing, and finishing, etc. The packaging quality adds value to the product and calls the customers. The quality of the packaging reflects the product quality, so if you need to make your product name in the market, focus on the product quality and packaging quality.

The quality of retail packaging, as well as how it is made, has a significant impact on purchasing decisions. Here are a few features that can affect any order, regardless of whether the product is sold in a store or online. When it is time to shop, customers will judge the goods in part depending on the packaging. Good retail packaging will help you make a profit and bring your products into a customer's shopping cart.

2) Unique Shapes:

Choose a unique shape for your packaging. Mostly, it happens that companies made unique shapes for their products, but they forget the importance of pleasing packaging; and they invest a minimal amount on the retail packaging. It is one of the reasons for the failure of emerging businesses. Different studies suggest that many new businesses shut down in their early five years because they do not focus on retail packaging. If you are looking forward to growing your business and you have a long-term plan, you need to adopt unique packaging designs for your retail business.

Unique folding carton forms, structures, and styles will make the product stand out from the crowd. Like too many competing brands on the shelves or being sold digitally, successful retail packaging must catch the consumer's eye while still displaying the strengths and advantages of the product. When explaining the importance of the brand and product statements, keep it clear in the retail packaging. To effectively differentiate the offering, highlight what is convincing and believable about your product.

3) Your Brand Message:

Every product has a message for the customers. This message can be the unique selling point of the product or the advantages of the product. The packaging of the product should deliver this message to the customers. These messages are mentioned on the retail packaging through printing. These points give information about the brand and the product to the customer, and after reading this information, a customer gets a better understanding of the product, and he can make an informed purchase decision.

It is worth noting that customers do not read packaging from top to bottom but rather rely on the left and right corners. Thus, persuasive attributes and statements should be displayed in these corners, while longer material should be placed in the panels' centers. Consumers prefer to focus on graphics and then read copy to back up what they see, so strong images and fewer words are better. Lengthy paragraphs take too much space and give a bulky look which irritates the customers.

4) Best Material:

The material of the retail packaging should be of fine quality. The quality and grade of the material determine the product's life. Good quality material will protect the product, and it will prevent damage and scratches to the product. Retailers have a wide variety of products, and the packaging requirements of these products vary from one another. So, select the packaging material according to the product type.

Paperboard folding cartons are suitable for packing electronics, vehicle aftermarket parts, gift products, personal care, health and cosmetics, vitamins and supplements, energy bars, and everything else you can think of. Since customers like to see what they're getting, these folding cartons will have die-cut windows that show the merchandise inside. The sketches below depict some of the most common forms of folding carton constructions used in retail packaging.

5) Usability:

Usability of the packaging defines the acceptance ratio of the retail packaging. If the packaging of the product is usable, it will have a higher acceptability ratio in the market. Retail and customers both prefer packaging which is usable. It relaxes the customers because they are getting the advantages of every penny which they have paid for it. Packaging producers necessarily add usability factors in the retail packaging. It ensures them success in the market.

The versatile folding cartons are suitable for both packaging and showing goods. When the stock is delivered to the retailers, these boxes are fully locked, but the retailers open them quickly to showcase and sell the items inside. They're famous for impulse purchases and food items like health food snacks, protein bars, vitamins, and so on.

6) Durability:

If you are going to start a new retail business, you should focus on retail packaging durability. It helps to reduce the business's losses and gives you mental satisfaction by protecting the products. Retailers place orders in bulk quantity, and these orders are stored at warehouses. For this purpose, you need to have durable packaging to protect the products from the environment and other damaging factors. This durability increases the product's life and reduces its losses because your investment is safe within the durable packaging.

Moreover, it gives you relaxation because you do not have a fear of damaged products. Customers also like durable packaging because they use it many times to store their products.

7) Transportation:

These days almost every business takes online orders. Some retailers have established their online store by seeing the latest trends of the market. E-commerce is booming worldwide. Customers also love to place orders online rather than going to the market and purchase the products. In recent days, because of Covid-19, people are scared of the virus. They avoid going to the crowded places and place online orders to ensure their safety.

In online orders, products are delivered to the customer's doorstep, and products are transported from one place to another. The retail packaging should support transportation by ensuring product safety in the transportation process.

Moreover, some retailers have weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly subscriptions of different products transported to the customer's house. As a retailer, you should consider the transportation factor because the need for product transportation is increasing day by day.

8) Lightweight and Compact:

As products are transported to different places, and packaging plays a vital role in transportation, it should be lightweight. A lightweight packaging helps the retailers to increase sales because customers are curious about the delivery charges. Lightweight retail packaging will have minimal delivery charges as compare to heavy ones. These retail packagings have high acceptability in the market. These are very easy to store, and compact size consumes less packaging material and space, which makes them cheap and valuable at the same time. As a retailer, you should adopt a compact size retail packaging to reduce the packaging cost and weight.

9) Easily Customizable:

Easily customizable packaging is very suitable for retail businesses. It gives ease to retailers and small businesses. Easy-to-mold packaging takes fewer resources and workforce, which reduces the packaging costs.

In contrast, rigid materials are difficult to mold, and they take extra resources and labor for this purpose. So, as a retailer, focus on this point and choose easily customizable packaging material for the retail packaging.


By ensuring these elements, you can choose the perfect packaging for your retail business. As packaging plays a vital role in business success, so do not compromise on retail packaging quality. Keep in mind these elements when you need to select packaging for your retail business. These points will give you a better understanding of the packaging concepts, and you will make the best decision.