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Is Printed boxes killing your product sale?

Author: Elizabeth Max
is Printed boxes killing your sale

Custom printed boxes give customers a wonderful experience. A company can use these boxes for their promotion purposes as they are inexpensive these are also a good way to enhance a company brand and help consumer to simply recognize products, as well as attract attention.

These boxes can in fact advertise a company in an effective way. You can make them personalized and look attractive with the help of different techniques. You need to know how to brand these boxes so that they can speak to a customer. These are the boxes that customers remember.

Below Are Five Tips That You Can Consider When Wanting To Order Custom Boxes For Branding:

Below Are Five Tips That You Can Consider When Wanting To Order Custom Boxes For Branding
  • Disadvantages

We’ve been talking about the good things about good packaging for a while, but that requires effort. Let’s not forget the other side of the coin.

  • Why Size Is Important?

You need to keep in mind the size of the box. A huge benefit of custom box packaging is that you can choose the size that you prefer. It is important that your products fit in properly so that there is no damage to the package during the journey. A perfectly sized box will be able to store your products accurately without moving them to avoid any damage during transportation.

  • Choose the Material Of The Box Carefully

Another important tip to keep in mind is the material of the box. The material should be sturdy. You do not want the box to break whilst it is transporting your precious goods. This is another benefit of choosing custom boxes wholesale. You can get to choose the material that the box will be made from. If you select one that is made from weak material then you risk the safety of your products.

Boxes are made from different materials. You can find corrugated, cardboard boxes, etc. Boxes made from these materials are said to be strong. Corrugated boxes are said to be sturdy and good to transport precious products. same is true with strong cardboard boxes.

  • The Printing on The Box

You need to focus on the box printing as well. This needs to be done in a way that it attracts the customer towards what you are selling. You do not want your products to be lying on store shelves but not attracting anyone.

Research needs to be carried out into what pulls customers towards what you are selling. You can then pursue box printing accordingly. For instance, if your targeted audience is children then cartoons and bright pictures can be used on the packaging.

Printing is something that can draw attention in the eyes of customers. This is what you aim for when you want to sell something. You want people to notice what you are selling and actually buy your product.

  • Shape of The Box

Shape is also important especially when custom branded boxes will be the ones advertised in stores. A fun and unique shape is able to attract potential customers such as toy boxes which are shaped according to the toy.

Even when wanting to transport your products, you may need to get a certain shaped box that will be able to keep your products while traveling.

Details to Include on The Packaging:

Details to Include on The Packaging

There are some details that can help with branding. Custom Display boxes can have your logo, company name, contact details etc. on the packaging. which tell gives customer information about your company. A logo can even be recognized if it becomes popular. Therefore, customers can even recognize it from far away.

  • 1. COST

It is inevitable everything costs money. If you have an e-commerce shop or any other type of business, you already know that every detail ends up costing more money than you thought it would.

It is true that this is not one of the most expensive items, but buying new boxes, designing them, printing them… it requires both time and money.

  • 2. SAFETY

The main dimension of a package, if you remember, is the functional one: to make sure the package arrives safely.

If we overdo the designing, we might neglect the other aspects.

If the beer bottles that we mentioned before were broken, the coaster would be of no use and there would be nothing to celebrate.

  • 3. MEASURING ROI (return on investment)

As with any other marketing strategies, the impact of changing the packaging is not an easy thing to do.

Imagine that you invested $5000 in redesigning and buying new boxes. Measuring the ROI would be difficult, especially in short term.

As an alternative option, we recommend determining some KPIs, such as the number of times your brand is mentioned on social networks or the number of positive comments or reviews.


We can let our creativity go, but there will always be some limitations when designing packaging.

  • Weight:
  • Any extras will mean additional weight and shipping costs.

  • Space:
  • Like everyone else, you’ll probably try to make the most all the available space.

  • Safety:
  • This is always the main goal

  • Third parties:
  • The shipping companies have a lot to say about this, since they establish the sizes of the boxes. They may also add wrapping paper with their logo and you will have to negotiate to avoid it.

  • Time:
  • This is especially the important if you are trying to personalize every order. You cannot ignore new orders just because you are writing a note.As always, the key is to find balance.



Display boxes provide consumers with a pleasant experience. These are the cartons that a business can use to improve its growth. The boxes are economical and are an excellent way to become a corporative brand, help customers to identify outcomes, as well as drag awareness quickly.

These custom boxes can actively show business. You can personalize them so that they look beautiful with the cooperation of several methods. You need to know how to mark these crates so that they can converse to a client. These are the cases that consumers do not forget.

Is there any chance that printed boxes can be a reason to kill the sales? How? Why? There must be some inconsistencies and inaccuracy you are doing with your brand, which can make your boxes a reason to kill the sales.

Some of them are given below along with the hacks that will help you better with the printed boxes.

Keep on reading!

Keep on reading

We have been reading about the great things about packaging for a while, but this needs work. Let us not ignore the different surfaces of the situation. This can be done if you are not handling it as per its requirements.

Why Size Is mandatory:

Why Size Is mandatory

You require required to know the Size of the carton you need. A considerable advantage of personalized boxes is that you can take the length that favors you. Your merchandises need to be stored in properly so that no harm occurs to them during the journey. A perfectly sized box will be able to store your products so that they do not move around inside the box during the transportation.

If you have fragile goods, then you will need to be more careful when transporting these. A box that is custom made can make the Perfect Size for your products. It will become safe for the goods if they are moving from one point to the another.

Getting the relatable material is essential:

Getting the relatable material is essential

Another vital tip to hold in mind is the body of the box. The box should be sturdy. You do not need the box to crack while it is moving your valuable goods. This is another advantage of keeping custom boxes. You can decide the stock of the box by yourself. If you pick one that is produced from thin material, then the protection of your products is not guaranteed.

Boxes are manufactured from various elements. like custom retail box packaging, cardboard crates etc. Corrugated boxes obtained from these substances are supposed to be healthy. yet brave and comfortable to transport fragile products.



It would better if you concentrated on the box printing as well. This demands to be made in a way that it brings the audience towards what you are marketing. You do not want your goods to be lying on store racks and not bringing anyone.

Analysis requires to be brought out into what draws consumers towards what you are selling. You can then make an attempt to print you boxes according to this. For example, if you are marketing to consumers who are minors, then designs and bright icons can be used on the packaging.

The printing is something that can attract the clients. This is what you are trying for when needing to sell something. You require people to mark what you are marketing and get your product.

Shape of the Box:

Shape of the Box

The shape is also necessary, mainly if the custom printed cartons will be the ones which will show in markets. A fun design can pull likely buyers. Something different can even attract oneself towards it.

Some dolls are placed into fun cast boxes. You may have observed cars put into boxes that are designed like vehicles.

Yet when needing to move your products, you may require to get a certainly shaped box that will be ready to have your goods protected while transporting.

Detailed information on the printed packaging!

Detailed information on the printed packaging

Any items can help with branding. Custom printed boxes can add your logo, the business name, communication details etc. on the packaging. This can inform clients about your firm. A logo can likewise be known if it becomes successful. Consequently, consumers can enjoy it from considerable distance, though.



No doubt, everything ads to the costs. If you have an e-commerce store or any other variety of marketing, you now understand that each article ends up getting more business than you imagined it would.

It is reliable that this is not an example of the most precious items, but getting new boxes, creating them, lettering them it demands both time and money.



The first dimension of a package, if you learn correctly, is the working one: to make sure the package reaches cautiously. If we go mad about the design, we may overlook the foremost concern. If the juice bottles are destroyed, the box would be of no advantage.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Investment (ROI)

As with all other selling policies, the result of increasing the packaging is not an obvious thing to enter. Assume that you spent some dollars in recreating and purchasing extra boxes. Estimating the ROI would be challenging, particularly in a brief time. As an alternative possibility, we advise learning some KPIs, such as the number of events your trademark discusses on social channels or the number of actual remarks or reviews.



We can make our creativity go, but there will forever be enormous constraints when creating packaging.

  • Security:

This is regularly the first object.

  • Third companies:

The transportation business has a chance to speak about this because they found the measurements of the boxes. They may also continue covering the paper with their logo, and you will become to assign to withdraw it.

  • Time:

This is very important if you are attempting to customize each order. You cannot overlook new questions just because you are addressing a letter.

  • Weight:

Any extras will involve added mass and additional shipping charges

  • Space:

Like everyone else, you'll presumably try to get the most all the open space.

A Chance to Continue an Extraordinary Expense:

 A Chance to Continue an Extraordinary Expense

People don't purchase products, and they gain the skills that deliver them sense. When a buyer gets a box, and it is wrapped distinctly, you establish expectations, interest, and vision. Proper packaging is enjoyed as another particular stock character.

More all-embracing virtualization:

More all-embracing virtualization

Unboxing products is one of the various required pleasing articles on different social media. Many YouTubers are earning the right volume of money out of these videos. Unboxing a stock has grown a time that generates a bunch of expectation. If you change the packaging of your goods, your social media will be executing it, and you will notice more sections to encourage your online store.

Promote your consumer's Loyalty:

Promote your consumer's Loyalty

The foremost benefit of the new packaging is that you promote client support, which means more recurring purchases. You can consider that if your stock is a one-time sale, it does not deserve it, but that's not correct. A happy consumer can enhance your brand as a prominent spokesperson; they could talk to their colleagues and family about marketing and about how great the product was presented. This is another important form of advertising, and at an engaging price. In the result, it appears that packaging means more than just any paper and four ties.

Product Information:

Product Information

The next most crucial thing the clients ponder upon while acquiring any product is its features and a complete record. It supports consumers to make their voice more efficiently. Especially if your stock is an eatable, then consumers think it essential to go by the component features and all the other knowledge of the product. This knowledge can afford with the help of design printed boxes which give you ample space for putting in just as much printed detail as you want. All the details of the products, which are considered necessary by the customers, can be written on custom boxes with great ease. This strategy proves out to be remarkably practical for the majority of the market as it determines the decision of the customers confidently.



Sometimes there is a requirement for an extraordinary variety of custom packaging such as custom boxes which can transport several products from one point to another safely and securely—in such situations, getting yourself custom boxes in wholesale shows out to be advantageous since the packaging cost is marked down to a significant extent. Shipping boxes are manufactured in a way that makes them remarkably sturdy. They ensure the protection and total strength of the product while shipping and handling.



Despite being much durable, these custom marked boxes are accessible in affordable and fair prices. Hence, if you are looking for means and ways to reduce your payments to ensure the development of the market, then the most suitable approach to meet this point is to use custom boxes for wrapping of your goods.

Bizarre Performance:

Bizarre Performance

It is the final desire of nearly all the companies to donate their goods uniquely to address them recognized in the match with the rival brands. This can be done with unrivalled comfort and ease by using custom packaging cartons. They can be written into any color, and custom design with the aid of the most advanced technologies. And with their representatives, different and unique appearance can be given to an otherwise mediocre product. They can extend the shelf or display value of the products, and a large number of buyers can be pulled towards their charm.

Easy To personalized:

Easy To personalized

It is a simple mistake that the custom boxes in wholesale are a group of ordinary and dull boxes that exist no uniqueness and pull within themselves, this idea is incorrect. You can perform all the customization that you crave in your packaging method and get them issued in a volumetric amount to avail the discount prices for them. If you have an extended demand for packaging to fulfil, then getting them in this way is the most efficient option.

Final verdict:

Final verdict

Custom printed boxes can assist with branding. By fulfilling the over tips in thought, you can get a beautiful box that can improve your company’s reputation. You can exchange your gain with the aid of a box similar to this. You It is required to think carefully if you want it to bring to others.

StampaPrints has been following all the above tips and avoiding the carelessness by which packaging can be a reason to kill the sales. So, we make sure to make the Branded boxes as per the brand’s nature!

Definity a lot of questions in your mind regarding your boxes. Don’t worry now, just pick up your smartphone & dial 1-877-296-2937. Our customer support team experts will warmly welcome you and within few minutes they will resolve your hurdles. At the same time Live chat support services is also available here and this one of a major reason we have a lot of satisfied clients. As we not only design the boxes but also your ambitions regarding your product packaging.