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A Detailed Guide About the Best Retail Packaging Designs

Author: Elizabeth Max

In recent years, the boom of E-Commerce has given an urge to many small and medium businesses. This urge has created a good competition in the market. Now customers have a variety of options while making a purchase decision.

In contrast, things have become pretty difficult for the retailers. Buyers are exploring new options for savings while businesses need to opt new strategies that can retain their existing customers and attract potential customers.

The packaging is the thing that can help the retailers by solving their problems. Good packaging helps to attract customers and boost sales, which generates business for the retailers.

Importance of Retail Packaging:

The packaging is valued as an important part of the identity of the business. If the process is done right, it will help in the marketing process. Great packaging design will give consumers immediate trust in their order, even before the package is unwrapped. The use of custom packaging has become very important for any company. In addition to the large-scale market, many small business owners have begun to use personalized boxes to pack their products.

Packaging markets the product. It plays a critical role in the retail industry. So, when retail boxes are not handled properly, they cause damages. Business flops quickly and faces struggles in survival period.

Tips for Best Retail Packaging Designs

Retailers are setting new trends in the market to become the eye-candy of the customers. Some of the common trends for retail packaging are:

i) Use Your Signature Color:

There are different brands in the market that are recognized by their colors. Everyone knows that McDonald's uses yellow color while Starbucks uses green color. They have established their color identity by repeating the same color consistently. There are many other brands in the market that are using the same technique, and just by thinking for a while, you will find many brands like these.

If your brand has a signature color, use it frequently. People will start to recognize your brand through its signature color. This color can be of your product, your theme, or from your advertising campaign. You can also use a combination of different colors. Choose a color or the combination of colors wisely that you can use for a longer period of time.

ii) Exhibit Your Product:

Consumers like to see the item, and they will prefer to touch it. If you can't display the real product in plain packaging, you should at least show what's inside through high-quality imagery. Display it in more than one perspective, if possible.

Customers use packaging to make buying decisions by checking out the product description and causation. If the customer can't see the product within the packaging, you need to tell him everything about the product through the packaging. So, he can take a brief decision.

You can print the picture of the ingredients used in the product or print the picture of the product itself. Moreover, a portion of the packaging can be kept transparent. This portion will provide a glance of the product, and will tell about the actual color and design.

Manufacturers and retailers should inspect the packaging before entering the market. It will ensure that the box identifies and displays the product properly.

iii) Focusing on Benefits:

We are living in the age of competition. Everyone is looking for smarter solutions to their issues. Your packaging of the product needs to elaborate the benefits of the product.

Every product is designed and manufactured to fulfill the customer's needs. The packaging of the product should justify the purpose of your product.

You need to use easy language to elaborate your point to the customer. Avoid using jargon and chemical names, which no one understands. Use a good font size that can be read easily with the naked eye.

iv) Ensuring the Durability:

When you get the product, you buy in decent packaging that time, half of the company's work has already been completed. Since it catches the buyer's interest right away, handmade shoe boxes are very popular these days.

People purchase shoes and then take care of their boxes by keeping their shoes in it. You still may not need to make room or a particular segment in packaging to fit in the product. Handmade packaging is already too perfect for the shoes. Your box must be special and must stand out in front of everyone by ensuring its durability.

v) Giving a Unique Look:

Try to have a unique packaging idea that can differentiate you from others. You can bring unique design, structure, packaging material, or anything else, setting the market trend. To have a unique idea, you need to think like a customer. It will help you to understand that which element is missing. Knowing the customer’s demands, needs, and wishes will help you to bring something new.

You also need to keep in mind the client’s budget. Your packaging design idea should be unique but within the customer’s budget. It determines the practicality of your idea. It will decide that your design goes beyond the computer screen or not.

vi) Hire a Good Designer:

Hiring a good packaging designer is one of the biggest challenges for retail packaging companies. Time lag comes with the use of freelance graphic designers, which causes problems. And working with a graphic designer who is not trained in the packaging business can also increase the difficulties when setting up press files.

Moreover, if you need certain changes in the final design, it will be difficult to contact the free-lance designer and convincing him to make the required changes.

While working with a retail box packaging company that has an in-house graphic design team, you can make real-time improvements to your box design. The in-house designers with vast experience in the packaging printing field will also have the knowledge to choose an appropriate design and material for the packaging.

vii) Think About Marketing:

Everything you're doing is for the marketing. You are choosing good quality material for packaging, choosing a good design, and spending a handsome amount of money on printing to impress the public and to make your name in the market. So, you can't ignore the marketing.

So, make sure that the artwork matches the criteria needed for the product.

Cross-check every aspect of packaging, and make sure that it is error-free. Conduct a pilot project if you need to check the public response and acceptability ratio. Make the changes if needed.

When your product comes to the market, you need to advertise it. You can advertise it through social media, traditional media, or by using other tools of advertisement.

viii) Check Storage and Transportation Details:

Boxes are not easy to make.You need the right equipment to do so, and you have to be very patient because a small error will destroy the package, and the product won't fit into it. Custom packing boxes are a little costly. But if you do your homework right, you will find the rate according to your requirements.

By using a customized ordering facility, you can select the right and best size package for your product. It will also encourage you to save money on internal pressing such as bubble wrap or peanut pressing required.

The right box size will also help in the storage facility by consuming less space and giving more benefits. It is also very useful to cut down the transportation cost. Big boxes have extra weight, and they consume more space, which increases the transportation cost.