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Cosmetic Box Packaging -Tips and Tricks for making it Inspiring

Author: Elizabeth Max

Beauty industry is of the promising and thriving ones that are constantly expanding with new brands. Customers have variety of product choices which makes it challenging for cosmetic businesses to earn their loyalty. Pitching new makeup and skincare items also gets struggling when shoppers have so many similar options available. So how do you compel the buyers into liking your new long lash mascara? Or how can you hook them to your flavored matte lipstick range? Do you want to spend effort, time and loads of money on the marketing or advertising endeavors, or try to enhance your customer outreach using multiple channels?
While these and many other tactics can definitely help you with improving perception about your products and brands, product packaging is a factor that can effectively assist you with landing causal shoppers and turning them into brand evangelists. You can’t undermine the potential of thoughtfully designed and printed custom cosmetic boxes . These can make your eye cosmetics, foundations, lip colors and nail colors an instant hit.
Packaging has the power to make merchandise noticeable. You can make the most of custom boxes for creating unique inkling for your cosmetic store. Packaging can go a long way creating desired perception about your makeup and skincare items, for instance, if you want to promote a shea butter 24 hours moisturizing hand cream, you can use the boxes for this skincare product to your advantage. Packaging printed with interactive information about the moisturizing cream will grab attention of consumers looking for a skincare item that provides lasting hydration to the hands.
You can use the boxes for cosmetics for creating curiosity and hype for a newly launched cosmetic item. Packaging is a smart marketing, product promotion, branding and advertising tool that can work wonders for your business. You just need to customize it contemporarily with the right essentials that make it result-oriented. If you want your packaging for makeup and skincare items to inspire consumers and your competitors, it is important to add scintillating and striking appeal to it. You need to consider all the factors that make boxes for cosmetics terrific and trendy. You can have a look at creative packaging ideas of some top makeup brands to derive inspiration.
We have complied some tips and tricks to help you with designing and printing packaging for cosmetics. Following these are likely to help you with adding glam and value to the boxes for cosmetics!

Customers’ Needs and Inclinations
This is a crucial factor that you have to consider when personalizing packaging. Without knowing what the potential buyers need and expect, you will not be able to offer them likable products packaged in customized boxes. So start off with doing consumer segmentation. This will help you with identifying the different kinds of potential buyers you have, based on that you can work on customizing packaging according to their psychographics.
Customers’ Needs and Inclinations

Pay Attention to Design Details

Pay Attention to Design Custom Boxes

Once you know the preferential taste of your target customers, you should start working on designing the custom box packaging . The artwork needs to be dazzling and relevant to the product you intend to display and sell. Do think out of the box when designing the boxes for nail polishes, bronzers, blushers and makeup kits but make the layout easy to relate for the buyers. Make it simple for them to comprehend the product concept.

For instance, for packaging a face illuminator, you can use gold backdrop, image of the product along with text details that enlighten the onlookers about what the makeup item can do for them. For skincare products like body lotions that have flower essence in them, you can make use of floral artwork. Boxes for cosmetics should be pictorial; this will make them interactive and engaging. Use comprehensible font style on the packaging so that text can be read even from a distance. Invigorating color schemes are usually preferred for cosmetic boxes but you can use light colors as well depending upon your preference and product’s specifications.

Creatively designed packaging intrigues potential customers into checking out a product and learn more about a brand’s offers.

Use Enticing and Elucidating Text on the Packaging

Use Enticing and Elucidating Text on Custom box Packaging

Text used on the boxes for merchandise is of prime importance for convincing customers into liking or wanting an item. You need to offer inclusive details of makeup or skincare item through packaging. Share details like how a product can be applied accurately, if it can be used in combination with some other makeup item, what is the net weight of the bottle packaged in the box and during how many months it should be consumed after opening the seal. You also need to provide information related to chemical allergens in the cosmetic product through packaging, if it can be used safely for sensitive and other skin types. Do mention formulation of the mascara, eye liner, highlighter or any other item on the boxes. You also need to create value for your makeup items using cosmetic boxes.

For instance if you have the most distinctive collection of creamy eye-shadows, get the features and benefits of your eye cosmetic range printed prominently on the packaging. Give a reason to the customers to invest in your makeup and skincare items. You also need to address their concerns and queries through the boxes for cosmetics. Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes and make a list of all the possible questions shoppers would have when making a purchase, make sure that the packaging answers all of them. This will help you with promoting and selling the cosmetics in an efficient manner.

Boxes for Cosmetics should have Finesse and Resilience

Boxes for Cosmetics products

Most of the makeup and skincare items have quite fragile texture; they are susceptible to moisture, heat, shock and environmental factors. You should scrupulously choose stock, box style and customizations for packaging cosmetics. Kraft and cardstock are the commonly used material options. Kraft paper is commended for its biodegradability, the stock is chemical free, is light weight and easy to dispose off. It allows you two color printing.

Cardboard is a flexible and durable stock that can be used for full color printing. For different makeup and skincare items there are varying packaging style preferences. For instance, tuck end boxes are favored for lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras and eye-liners. You can explore die-cut shapes for your makeup and skincare items, but make sure that you discuss the probability of getting the packaging customized to the shapes you like with the printer prior to making the selection.

Embossing, debossing, foil stamping, glossy/matte lamination and other finishing options are available for boxes for cosmetics, you can have a look at some samples to get an insight about customizations and taking your pick accordingly.

Packaging that Facilitates the Customers

Cosmetic Packaging that Facilitates the Customers

Makeup Boxes and skincare items need to offer ease to the potential buyers. If the packaging for your mini lipstick trio set is entrancing to look at but is difficult for the users to open and stock up, they are likely to throw the boxes away. So in order to facilitate customers and build trust with them, you need to offer them user friendly packaging. Boxes’ design, text, style and finishing options should all be chosen after evaluating consumer convenience.

If you want the potential buyers to keep the packaging for cosmetics like pen eye-liners, lipstick pallets and brow kits along with the products and remember your brand, you need to offer them easy to handle boxes. Brief the printer about your concerns and check out the packaging templates before making a choice.

Cosmetic Boxes should woo the Shoppers

Cosmetic packaging Boxes should woo the Shoppers

In order to make your makeup and skincare items worth purchasing for the buyers, you need to have that mesmeric effect for your packaging. Boxes for products like glittery eye-shadows, glossy lipsticks, colored eye-pencils and other items can be utilized for wooing the shoppers. You can use a beguiling theme for packaging; it can be based on beauty, fashion or some other relevant idea. You can use memes and other communicative concepts to make the boxes for cosmetics hard to ignore for the onlookers. “Buy one get one free”, “Free gift inside”, “win a surprise discount offer” and many other incentives can be used on the packaging to encourage buyers into trying out your cosmetic items. You can also use the boxes for makeup items to entertain and amuse shoppers. Humorous quotes about beauty can be used on packaging for making it pleasing for the consumers.

Packaging that makes your Brand worth Recalling

Custom Packaging that makes your Brand worth Recalling

You can use the boxes for cosmetics to make your brand worth remembering with the potential customers. Packaging that has all your branding info like logo, tagline and other details available is likely to assist you with boosting your business identity and image. If you have just started off your cosmetic retail venture, boxes for makeup and skincare items can significantly help you with getting attention from the potential buyers.

You can use packaging for building rapport with the shoppers and creating emotional affinity for your brand. For instance, you can start off a sequel of your brand story through the boxes for makeup items. This will make customers feel inclined into knowing more about your business. You need to make sure that you don’t use traditional and typical marketing claims and phrases on the packaging. Shoppers are weary of reading and listening to those fabricated and too good to be true claims and promises. You should instead use proactive and interactive approach through boxes for merchandise to earn your brand a distinguished identity.

Makeup Boxes that want Customers to Shop More

Makeup Boxes that want Customers to Shop More

Another way to add value to your packaging is making it so enthralling that it compels the consumers to shop more from you. You can bundle up the products as must have cosmetic essentials in eye catchy boxes to make them worth checking out for the shoppers. For instance, you will be able to flaunt your warm vanilla, strawberry and cocoa butter hand creams better in a box that has window, a marvy design and decorative accessories attached to it. You can persuade the buyers to save up big on bundled up cosmetics by displaying them in amazingly designed and printed packaging. Whether you want to boost sales during festive season or just looking for a way to make customers buy more, packaging will astutely help you with accomplishing the endeavor.

Packaging that serves as Memento of your Brand

Packaging that serves as Memento of your Brand

Do you want your cosmetic box packaging to be turned into insignia of your brand? This surely can turn out to be your competitive advantage. You need to get the boxes for makeup and other items personalized in a way that customers would like to keep them for long. You can offer multi-purpose packaging for cosmetics to make it hard to discard. Boxes for makeup kits and other items designed with artsy imagery will be stored along with the packaged items. Bigger boxes can be utilized for sorting and organizing cosmetics after a product has been consumed. When customizing the packaging, you need to inculcate the element of value to it. It can be through the layout or utility. You can search for some aspiring ideas to have the boxes customized interestingly. Stampa Prints is a sought after print studio that is widely trusted and commended for its custom packaging’s designs, finesse and impact.

You need to constantly improve and revamp boxes for merchandise in order to retain the interest and loyalty of customers. Don’t expect them to stick to your cosmetic brand for long if you won’t be offering them new and inspiring products and packaging. Your custom boxes are a promising opportunity that you can utilize for bringing your brand and merchandise in spotlight. You can utilize packaging for highlighting your business’ unique selling points and best practices. Your signature boxes for cosmetic items can contribute verily towards your brand outreach if you don’t miss out on any of the essentials that are decisive for making the packaging worthwhile.

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