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Creative Ideas to Design 06 Best Tea Packaging

Author: Elizabeth Max

When a buyer enters a store to buy tea, he/she is only found puzzled with plenty of peculiar yet fascinating boxes on the rack. It states that the competition is already the toughest for it, and a company needs something miraculous to stand high. Beverages like coffee and tea are the most consumed drinks all over the world. It is a challenging market and will cultivate similar benefits if a brand stands successfully.

There are distinctive traits and features that go into tea packaging production. Some companies will opt for old and imaginative design, whereas others will go for a minimalistic tactic. We have taken out the six most creative ideas for designing some of the best tea packaging.

1. Paper Bag Tea Packaging

Firstly, you have to avoid the usual boxes people come across in the grocery stores or supermarket. A Brown paper bag will only be great if a business elect for simplicity and requires elegant tea packaging.

Take the packaging as a canvas and consider yourself a renowned painter and experiment with unique themes to find the best one. However, it is essential to keep things minimal when designing packaging for tea. Because overdoing it on brown bags could come as absurd practice.

2. Bottle Tea Packaging

This is a chic idea for tea packaging. You will mostly find tea in regular, dull boxes and that is why it requires you to change the entire approach. We would recommend using bottles to step up your game. Your tea can be stored in transparent bottles that can be viewed by the customer. It will look stylish in the hands of buyers.

You can also play with the packaging design the way you like. We would suggest opting for a supplementary visual to increase the overall design. It can develop a one-of-a-kind design for the tea company.

3. Box Packaging

It is time to accentuate the mediocre and usual tea boxes. Firstly, a retailer has to decide the type of box he/she will be utilizing. Also, opt for either small or medium-sized packaging. It is counterproductive to store products like tea in a big box and ruin the visual design.

Once you figure out the style you need for the tea content, it calls for creativity. We would recommend our readers to choose stark imagery that imitates the type of tea a company is selling. For example, masala chai is a populous product in South Asia and would groom with colorful art. Using the right theme and colors will significantly increase the depiction of the product.

4. Vivid Artistic Tea Packaging

The importance of colors in every aspect of life is of the highest degree, and it is even higher for designing tea packaging. Please select a few colors and start designing the product. Your color combination should complement each other instead of going extravaganza on the box. A balanced appearance will reflect the design based on the selected shades.

For instance, select a primary tone and a few secondary ones regarding the tea product and insert the general feelings related to it. It would be best to base the tones on the structure of the product.

5. Minimalistic Tea Packaging

We do not need to be always loud and stand out prominent in the market with minimalistic designs. It is often said: less is more, and we need to follow this maxim when designing the tea packaging. Our readers have to be mindful of a few essential key points like brand name, quantity, and tea flavors along with product’s expiry and manufacturing date and should print them on the boxes.

Also, kindly make sure that you are selecting readable fonts without overcrowding them. Keep the packaging proportional and well-maintained with minimal technique to work wonders for the business.

6. Pictorial Represented Tea Packaging

Companies can also opt for high-quality pictures to print on the tea packaging. Vendors should go for an image that conveys a radiant feeling and comfort. It would be great to align them with the brand image and design to maintain a balance.

Customized Tea Packaging

Moreover, it would be great to customize the tea packaging with healthy or inspiring quotes. You can add finishing or unique personalization styles to stand different from the other tea brands. Use thoughtful messages to make the tea packaging interactive. Customizing the aforementioned designs will make these packaging more beautiful.